If you’re among the hundreds of thousands of American women who use hair dye to cover their grays or simply use hair color to keep their overall look on trend, then we recommend using a moisturizing, semi-permanent hair color. The Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection  is a trusted go-to semi-permanent hair color that is gentle on natural hair of varying textures, yielding radiant results. From irresistible brunette shades to knockout blondes, Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection gives you 15 intermixable, long-wearing colors to choose from.

The following natural hair dyeing tips from Clairol Professional will help you accomplish any hair transformation this season.  At the end of this ClairolPro-sponsored article, tell us in the comments section below which of the techniques is your go-to method for applying semi-permanent color to your curls.

The Right Hair Color Changes Everything

Since you’re a Naturally Curly community member, you know that moisturized natural hair = healthy natural hair. But did you know that if you’re not using the right semi-permanent color you could reverse all the hard work of growing your gorgeous, color-rich waves, curls, coils and kinks? “Over application of semi-permanent dye that doesn’t contain moisturizer can be detrimental to your hair,” says Clairol Professional Celebrity Colorist & Stylist Kiyah Wright. “That is why the Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection semi-permanent color is a great go-to for all hair types, because every texture needs moisturization that creates long lasting, vivacious color.”

Choose Color-Safe Shampoos Wisely

If you’ve come to a stumbling block in your dyed natural hair shampooing routine, it may be because the chemicals in your shampoo are harming your hair and sucking the life out of your color, making it fade. According to trusted community member and social media expert Evelyn Ngugi, “To extend the life of your color, try any moisture-rich shampoo and conditioner that repairs damage caused by coloring or styling. Also look for semi-permanent color that is peroxide and ammonia free.”

Highlight to Accentuate Your Natural Beauty

No matter the circumstances: rain or shine, good times or bad, we all want to look phenomenal! By highlighting and adding depth to your hair, your hair texture characteristics will shine through effortlessly. The Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection doesn’t require you to use developer because it works on the surface of hair to deposit color. This means that 4 to 8 shampoos into your color story, you’ll still look as gorgeous as ever!

Learn Your Porosity to Color Treat Your Hair

Porosity is everything! Do you know yours? The more you know about it, the better your hair dyeing experience will be. Satisfying our curious minds, Kiyah Wright says, “Tightly coiled, textured hair is extremely porous so absorbs color more quickly. Textured loose and wavy hair doesn’t absorb color as quickly unless a developer or other chemical process is introduced to its cuticle.”

Covering Up Natural Hair’s Gray Areas

Are you a gray natural wanting to revamp your relaxed hair with color? Go ahead, it’s your prerogative! “First, you’ll need to cover up grays with Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection Advanced Gray Solution that delivers 100% gray coverage,” says Wright. Weighing in on the matter, none other than Curly Nikki herself chimes in on the conversation, “To create a natural look, choose a shade that is no more than two or three shades lighter than your natural hair color. Going overboard on bleaching can cause extreme damage to your locks.” Although they are in the same color family, the Advanced Gray Solution is only available in 9 shades. It provides long-lasting gray coverage because it requires no developer or ammonia.

Have you used any or all of the five natural hair dyeing techniques to get stunning color? If you have, or use other at-home coloring methods, share your experiences with the Naturally Curly community in the comments section below this post!

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