If you like your routine simple and your hair to be low maintenance, then these quick tips are for you. These work best for coily, Type 4 hair.

1. Shingle

Thoroughly finger detangle using the shingling method to apply products throughout your hair.

2. Use fingers

Leave the comb out. Be cautious of the types of styling tools you use-- you want your coils to be as unmanipulated and natural-looking as possible.

3. Moisturize

When moisturizing we recommend following the LOC or LCO method: apply leave-in, then oil and finish with a cream. Before styling, apply a creamy leave-in conditioner and follow up with either grapeseed or castor oil to lock in moisture to dry coily hair.

4. Style wet

Your hair should be dripping wet while you style. Simply add a firm hold gel (our community's go-tos are Ecoco and Ampro) to dripping wet hair. 

5. 4-Day Max

By day 5, your hair may begin to feel crunchy and your ends may be to suffering from breakage. Looser curl patterns can go longer in between washes, but for tight, Type 4 coils you probably should go no more than 4 days.

6. Repeat

Moisturize your coils as often as possible, especially your ends.

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