Transitioning can be difficult and frustrating. This is the time where you are trying to figure out your natural hair while maintaining your relaxed ends. The two textures can be overwhelming and you may not know how to handle it. You may be discouraged and see the textures of other curlies and wonder why your hair does not look like theirs. However, it does not have to be as difficult anymore, in fact, some of your frustration may relate to things you are doing to your hair. Here are some helpful tips and some things that you should stop doing.

Combing dry hair

This has to be one of the worse things that you can do while transitioning. Due to the two textures in your hair, you may find difficulty detangling your hair. However, detangling dry hair is not the way to go because it can cause breakage. When your hair is dry, it is not at an elastic state that makes combing your hair easier. Combing your hair when it is wet and coated with conditioner or moisturizer is the most helpful way to detangle and save your strands.

Using a small tooth comb

This topic transitions well from the previous one. You may be used to using a small tooth comb during your relaxer days, but that should not be the styling tool of choice as a transitioner. Using a small tooth comb can pull more hair than you actually want and cause breakage. Using a wide tooth comb or fingers will allow you to glide through your hair with more ease. You also have more control while combing.

Trying to figure out your curl pattern

Yeah, you may think that your hair is a particular curl pattern, but you will never know until you chop the rest of your relaxed ends. Your relaxed ends are weighed down due to the two different textures. You will not be able to see the actually curl or coil until the relaxed ends if cut off. You will not be able to see how your hair reacts to certain products like styling gels and curl creams until you cut the remainder of your relaxed hair.

Consistent heat styling

You may result to heat styling because you are used to it, especially while styling relaxed hair. However, using heat styling can cause more harm than you think. Constant heat use, especially without a heat protectant, can cause heat damage. This can result in damage that causes breakage and loosen the curl pattern. Try to limit the heat use to a couple times a month. An alternative to heat styling can be roller and rod sets. You can still use diffused heat by sitting under a hooded dryer, but you will not have to use direct heat like a flat iron.

Skipping trims

Trims can sometimes sound scary and frightening, but they do not have to be! If you skip trimming sessions, it can cause split ends and damage to your hair. Some tend to hold on to damage ends to keep the length of their hair. Holding on to damaged ends will not make your hair grow. Remember, it is best to have short, healthy hair than long, damaged hair. While transitioning, it may be easier to trim your hair little by little. It will help you manage your hair because as your hair grows, trimming will allow you to manage less relaxed hair.

Skipping deep conditioning

Deep conditioning sessions are essential for transitioning. Deep conditioning will moisturize your hair and help with elasticity, which was previously mentioned. You may experience a lot of shedding during your transition. The use of heat may help expedite the process and penetrate the conditioner in your strands. Weekly deep conditioning sessions can help minimize your shedding and help maintain healthy hair during your process. 

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Are you transitioning and are becoming frustrated with your hair? Have you transitioned and have some tips to share?

Ashley Glenn


Ashley Glenn is a Baltimore lifestyle blogger and founder of Ashley Glenn Blog. She believes that every curly has beautiful curls, no matter the shape, size, or texture.

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