After years of color and element damage, my bangs have had their share of wear and tear. I noticed the most breakage on my head was with my bangs. I recently got my biannual DevaCut, which was much needed. Before my trim, these were my 6 go-to styles for helping my bangs blend in to the best of my ability.

Day 1: Wash-and-go on partially twisted hair.

At night before going to sleep, I do sort of a multi-pineapple, separating the back and front half of my hair. For my bangs in particular, I do a few two-strand twists. The next morning, I untwist, take my two sections down, fluff, and add Zenzele Leave-In Conditioner (and some water if the back half is flat from my pillow”>.

Day 2: Messy pompadour and bun.

While I’m in between trims, I try to avoid bobby pins at all costs–the harsh metal can further promote breakage. But sometimes my bangs work in my favor by letting me twirl and tuck them into another curl. This helps hide the breakage/split ends.

Day 3: Ninja bun.

Again, for this style, no bobby pins were used. I twirled my bangs in the form of a large bantu knot and tucked the ends in. The back half just needed a little finger fluffing and some SheaMoisture Yucca Styling Milk, and I was good to go.

Day 4: Wash-and-go with brushed bangs.

Yes, brushed. The night before, I co-washed my hair and this time, I used a detangling brush to smooth my bangs. Of course, my hair was smothered in Yes to Carrots Daily Conditioner–brushing it in also helped the product penetrate where it needed to–and my curls were defined, naturally.

Day 5: Messy high ponytail.

Messy is a necessity when I am in between trims. If everything was so sleek and put together, it might be easier for others to notice where the split ends and breakage is happening throughout my head–just no. So for this, I am sure to leave a few random curls out, and I don’t tie my ponytail too tightly.

Day 6: 2nd day flexi rod.

I like to retexturize my 3C curls every now and then. But while my hair is in a state of weakness and breakage, I stay away from Curlformers or rollers– so flexi rods are my best bet. They safely alter my pattern while allowing my hair to sit comfortably around the tool rather than being super manipulated. I used SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Styling Lotion for the hold and smoothness.