One of the great things about having curly hair is that we have a variety of hairstyles to choose from. We can wear our hair straight, curly, wavy, and even in updos. We can wear a wash and go or manipulate our curl pattern with stretched hairstyles. Are you interested in revamping your usual go-to stretched styles? Looking for a new style to try? Check out this guide for stretched natural hairstyles.

Twist Out

Twist outs are very simple and are a popular go-to style for many naturals because they’re so easy. Part your hair in sections and apply your favorite moisturizer and styler. Detangle your hair and proceed with the two-strand twists. For best results, leave the twists in overnight. The longer you leave the twists, the more defined your curls will be. Before unraveling the twists, apply light oil to your fingers to help prevent frizz as you untwists. Samantha, also known as Ahfro Baang, shows us how she achieves her twist outs. This is a perfect tutorial for those that want to revamp their technique.  

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Flat Twist Out

Flat twist outs are a little more advance than the twist out. However, there are so many tutorials with this style. Flat twists are achieved by twisting the hair in cornrows instead of braiding. Breanna, also known as Mini Marley, has a great tutorial on flat twisting. If you are bored with a twist out, then try a flat twist out.

Braid Out

Braid outs are a great option if you want more stretch or want to prep for an updo. From my experience, braid outs stretch my hair more than twist outs. If I am interested in a style that shows most of my length, braid outs are the way to go. Jessica, also known as Mahogany Curls, has a great tutorial for a braid out.

Heatless Blow Out

A heatless blow out is easier than it sounds. You achieve bigger hair without using heat and therefore do not have to worry about heat damage. You are probably wondering, how is this possible? Whitney, also known as Naptural85, shows how to achieve a heatless blow out. It is simpler than you probably think.

African Threading

African threading is another technique that you can use to stretch your hair. You simply section your hair, use thread and wrap it around the section of hair. African threading can be used as a protective style to help retain length and grow healthy hair. Dephne Madyara demonstrates the process in the tutorial below.  


Banding is a technique that will require some time and quite of few hair ties. Simple section your detangled hair and secure hair ties along the length of that section. Depending on length, width, and density of your hair, you may need 2-5 hair ties per section. This is also a great option for a blow out look that does not require heat. Classcie shows us how she bands her hair.


Curlformers are curlers (similar to rods and rollers”> that help you to achieve bouncy curls. This is also a great way to stretch your hair. Before installing Curlformers, make sure your hair is detangled and moisturized. Install Curlformers according to the instructions that came with the product and leave them in until your hair is dry or your desired time. Curlformers are great for spiral curls or to prep for another style. They come in a variety of sizes and lengths for hair of all types. Mae, also known as Natural Chica, shows how to install Curlformers.

What are your favorite stretched styles? Are there any that you want to try now after this guide? Please share!

Ashley Glenn


Ashley Glenn is a Baltimore lifestyle blogger and founder of Ashley Glenn Blog. She believes that every curly has beautiful curls, no matter the shape, size, or texture.

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