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Ampro ShinenJam 3 Braided Hairstyles NaturallyCurly

You know how much we love moisturizing gels for sleek, sexy curls that stay in place all day long. That’s why we connected with our friends at Ampro to learn more about their versatile new gel Shine ‘n Jam. We wanted to show you that this firm holding gel comes through in several ways: from easy detangling and slicking down edges to creating the sexiest, frizz-free cornrows, halo braids, and twist outs you’ve ever seen!

Take a moment to see it for yourself!

Create these 3 Stunning Protective Styles with Shine 'n Jam Gel

1 - Sweat proof your gym look with Cornrows!

Ampro ShinenJam 3 Braided Hairstyles Cornrows for NaturallyCurly
Working out is no excuse to neglect styling your gorgeous curls.

That’s why Cornrows are a perfect protective style to wear to the gym, hot yoga class, and outdoor activities.

Starting at your hairline, section out your hair into four sections with a wide-tooth comb. To eliminate frizz, apply Shine ‘n Jam to your hair. Not only does this versatile gel hold your protective style, it effortlessly detangles curls and makes braiding quick and easy!

Continue braiding around your head and down to the nape of your neck to finish the look.

For best results: Apply the gel to all of your hair before braiding. You’ll see that the gel will glide right through your strands to create super sleek cornrows.

2 - Every Curl Boss can work a sexy Braid and Twist!

Ampro ShinenJam 3 Braided Hairstyles Braid and Twist for NaturallyCurly
From the board room to post-work happy hours, you will slay with a stunning braid and twist.

This look is a reversal of your gym look… with a twist!

Starting at the nape of your neck, make four sections with a wide-tooth comb. Once sections have been thoroughly coated with Shine ‘n Jam, cornrow each one and rubber band the loose curls at the crown. Remember to use the gel in between twists for sleek strands.

For best results: For defined twist outs that pop, apply a small amount of gel to curls at the top of your head when adding the finishing touches to your look!

3 - Hello, Halo Braid - Let’s go out and play!

Ampro ShinenJam 3 Braided Hairstyles Halo Braid NaturallyCurly
For a playfully polished protective style that stops traffic, always go for the Halo Braid.

What’s even better is that this look can be styled in little time because of Shine ‘n Jam gel’s consistency. Its thick coat allows hair strands to get in formation when wrapping this large halo braid around your head.

To add shine and lay down those edges and baby hairs, apply a little of this strong holding gel with your fingers or a gentle bristled hairbrush.

You’re going to impress onlookers from miles away!

For best results: Apply Shine ’n Jam before braiding to knock out any and all frizziness. You’ll love how the gel allows each strand to lay down within the braid and control ends that tend to curl every which way.

Watch Ishia get her hair braided in the video below!

As you can see, getting these amazing looks doesn’t have to be labor intensive when you have the right styling gel in your Holy Grail collection. We highly recommend Ampro Shine ‘n Jam for braided, protective styles that are always in style and turn heads on the regular.

Can’t wait to get your own tub of this magical gel?

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As ever, stay curly!

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