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At times, we can get so excited about hair care products that we do not notice how it affects the rest of our bodies. Whether it is a product or a particular way that we style our hair, it can play a role in our everyday routines. When that happens, we need to take a step back, listen to our bodies, and see how we can fix it. SophiaRuth from Curly Q&A asks the following:


“I started using Deva Curl products in December and since then I have gotten bad acne on my jawline and forehead, which I never struggled, with before. Could that be the cause? And if I stop using the products how long before I can tell that that was the problem?”


The products could be the cause of the acne you are experiencing. Sometimes we do not realize how the products and ingredients that we use in our hair can also affect our skin. The best thing to do right now is to completely stop using the product or use minimal amount of the product and document the progress of your skin. If you decide to keep using the product, I would not use it any longer than a week and see what happens. While you are making observations, it will be best if you change the following.

Change your pillowcases

It is best if you change or wash your pillowcases regularly. Our hair contains products and oils that can transfer on to our pillowcases and sheets while we sleep at night. Since we lay our heads on our pillowcases, this is how those products get on our skin. Change your pillowcase 2-4 times during the week and try to wear a satin cap/scarf to minimize the amount of product that will transfer on there.

Wash your face and body after washing/conditioning

If you like to wash and style your hair in the shower, it will be best to wash your face and body after your rinse your curls. Additional product can drip onto your skin and cause acne on your face and body. Put your curls in a plastic cap or t-shirt and wash your body to thoroughly remove all product residue.

Wash your face after styling

I know, I know! After you spent hours of washing and styling your hair, all you want to do is get off of your feet and rest. Think about the amount of oil, leave-in conditioner, and other products that are on your skin from your styling sessions. Try to make a habit of cleansing your skin to remove excess product. 

Keep your hair away from your face

Do you wear your hair in front of your face a lot? Are side parts your favorite? Since you are experiencing some acne on your forehead, try keeping your hair away from your face for a while. That does not mean you have to resort to ponytails. If you have bangs, twist them up. Bobby pins and hair clips can be used to make your outfit stylish and to keep your hair away from your face.

If you are still experiencing acne or have not seen improvements after changing these practices, it may be best to simply remove the products from your regimen. It is best to listen to your body and how it reacts, but no worries! I am sure you can find something that can work for you and the curly community is here to help!

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