pequi oil treatment for hair

Calling all curly girls who love oils! Personally, I love using oils. My cabinet is full of them and I enjoy each and every one of them for a particular reason. I enjoy oils that are lightweight, moisturizing, and smell amazing. If it does not smell good, I do not want it. If you enjoy the same qualities or are just looking for a new oil to try, check this one out. This may be a sweet treat!

Pequi oil comes from the pequi tree (Caryocar brasiliense) in Brazil. The fruit has been used in a variety of food dishes, but it can also be used for your hair and skin.

Benefits of pequi oil

According to, “the high content of tocopherol and vitamin A in pequi means that the skin and hair is protected due to the antioxidant properties of these compounds.”

They also add that it “can keep your skin from showing blemishes, improve scar healing, add a rich glow to your skin, and prevent signs of premature aging. It has also traditionally been used for treating eczema and skin lesions.” This oil has antioxidants that can assist with skin issues like acne scarring and pimples, but it can also be find in hair products for healthier hair.

How can you experience the benefits of Pequi oil? You can use hair products or hair oil and apply to your curls.

Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment

This treatment is lightweight and loaded with antioxidants. It will help restore shine to your hair. It can be used as a serum before blow-drying and straightening curls for a smooth look. It can also be used to for frizzy curls and moisturize the hair. Since the oil is lightweight, you can use it daily to keep your curls shiny and bouncy.

ORS Olive Oil with Pequi Oil Edge Control Gel

This is an edge tamer that will leave your hair smooth and moisturized. This will work great for updos or if you prefer smooth and sleek edges. A little will go a long way. Just apply the edge tamer and brush softly to smooth down hair. If needed, tie your hair with a hair scarf to allow your edges to smooth.

Au Naturals Organics Pequi Oil

This oil is a great choice for those who prefer a low maintenance DIY approach. You can add this oil to your favorite recipes such as DIY butters or oil mixes, but you can also just add a few drops to your shampoo or conditioner for the easiest DIY of all. No mixing bowls or spoons needed!

Avlon MoisturRight Nourishing Conditioner

This conditioner will leave your hair soft and moisturized. This is also a good conditioner to use while detangling. It will make it a breeze and help you manage your curls during washdays. This conditioner is also a great option for dry hair because it will hydrate your curls and leave them moisturized.

Do you use pequi oil? How do you include it in your hair regimen? Please share with the curly community.