As curlies, we use a lot of tools to keep our curls looking their best. Yet, One of the most essential tools, and possibly the most overlooked,  is the shower cap. You can use it in the shower on days when you don’t need to wash, when you want to protect that perfect style, or when you are deep conditioning. They are also great for a day at the pool when you just want a quick dip without hair worries. Shower caps lock moisture in strands and avoid messes when doing hair treatments, and even come in great use on a rainy day.

The shower cap used to be a drab and boring necessity, but many brands have transformed them into something more stylish without losing any of the much-needed function. Here are a few of the best shower caps for curlies!

1. Annie Blue Dot

This shower cap is made to be large enough to go over big hairstyles. What’s so special about that? Well, if you have ever had to fight with a shower cap to get your curls or braids all tucked underneath it, you know how important is to have a cap that will hold it all. Best of all, it is designed to actually stay snug instead of letting curls slip through. It has the typical vinyl and elastic design but with a better fit and grip. When you need something large and reliable, Annie Blue Dot is the best of the best.

2. Betty Dain Fashionista

When you want a lightweight option that is guaranteed to be waterproof, this option is perfect. It is a fully lined PVA cap with a fade-resistant outside. It is designed to be resistant to mold so you never need to worry about hanging it up wet. With the comfortable fitting to accommodate hair of various lengths, this is one shower cap perfect for frequent use.

3. Louvelle Amelie Shower Cap

When you need a shower cap that looks stylish enough to run an errand in while your strands soak in that DIY mask underneath, this one is just the thing. It is a sleek turban style cap that looks downright glamorous, but it is still highly functional. The elastic band is comfortable, but this cap is best suited for shorter to medium length hair.

A good shower cap should do the obvious trick of keeping your hair dry. It should also be comfortable, easy to care for, and cute. Protect your curls with one of these curly friendly options!

What other ways do you protect your hair?

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