Every one loves a good ‘first.’

Bigen Easy Color covers your gray curls.

Whether it’s a first kiss planted gently on that special someone’s cheek or the distinct scent of a brand new car’s interior, there truly is something unequivocally intoxicating about a ‘first.’

But there are some ‘firsts’ that leave a sour taste in your mouth. Much like an unwanted fly trapped in vanilla cream icing on a birthday cake, no sane person would revel at the sight of their first gray hair.

It’s a rare occasion for a naturally curly woman to leap with glee at the sight of lightning white streaks in her glorious mane.

In fact, she’s likely to pull a hat over her head, hightail it to a drugstore where neighborhood motormouths and lurkers can’t see her homely get up, and snatch the first box of permanent hair color that matches her mane’s former state of un-streaked brilliance.

Unfortunately, this shortsighted clutch and run for color means that her textured hair may not get the tender loving care it needs because the wrong permanent color was purchased.

Please. Don’t let this happen to you, my friend.

Instead, take a deep breath and pick up a box of the brand new Bigen Easy Color, formulated with your textured hair in mind. Then, select the color that matches your curls:

You’re going to like using this color treatment for several reasons, especially if you’ve had issues in the past with low porosity (meaning that your curls tend to reject the color by nature’s design”>.

Less chemicals, more glow.

What’s even better than having a hair color designed to penetrate low porosity strands and natural color? A hair color that doesn’t contain harmful ammonia.

That’s a wonderful thing for us naturals and here’s why:

According to the editors of Skin Sheen, “Ammonia has the capability to penetrate to [the] center of the hair shaft to commence the coloring process. Once the outer layer of the hair has been penetrated by ammonia, it is usually seen that the hair does not return to its original quality.” Yikes!!!

In addition to this, inventors of chemical processes to permanently dye all hair types have reported that, “Hydrogen peroxide is the leading solvent for melanin used in the bleaching process; however, along with melanin removal, the peroxide reacts with keratin to cause loss of tensile properties and damage to the hair.”

*Ahem [pushes glasses back up bridge of nose]* Don’t worry, I won’t go full-blown super nerd on you. If you’re interested in the aforementioned chemical processes, read the full patent by clicking here.

Bigen doesn’t hurt your hair; it loves coloring textured curls!

As you’ve gathered, using ammonia and high levels of peroxide on your curls is a big ol’ no-no. That’s why Bigen’s no ammonia and super low peroxide formula is the way to go. And besides, it won’t leave tell-tale stains on your skin!

Take a look: Inside of Bigen Easy Color!
If you think that you don’t need to use all of the color that comes in this treatment, that’s okay. You can use whatever amount you deem necessary and save the rest for a later date. Talk about flexibility.

This new line works wonders for curlies that want the most natural looking color achievable but somehow still have a difficult time covering their grays. Its infusion of aloe vera and olive oil will give your strands a chance to be soothed during the permanent color treatment process while adding shine… all in only 10 minutes!

Now how’s that for your ‘first’ successful gray coverage?

Tell me all about it in the comments section below.

As ever, stay curly!

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