We’ve talked about shrinkage here plenty of times.

For those of us that want to show off how great growing out our coily splendor is going, knowing that loss of length actually translates to healthy elasticity is sometimes not as comforting as it should be. There are great ways to stretch our hair without heat to open up different styles and looks, but it doesn’t hurt to use products that can lengthen our coils, especially when they include some our results-proven floral and fruity favorites!

Take a gander at these three standouts from the line in this NaturallyCurly + Luster's You Be-Natural Infographic!

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Let's take a closer look at these, shall we?

Botanical Moisture-Lock Curl Lotion

This is going to be your everyday bedside table grab. Unless you’re one of those “I don’t shed where I sleep” types, in which case it’ll be your everyday vanity counter grab (also, respect). A multi-tool that moisturizes and keeps frizz to a minimum is a great addition to your routine, and the Curl Lotion does both. As a bonus, it also leaves hair softened and helps to temporarily lengthen tighter coils for different style options! Grab for this coming out of the shower, or after a good misting session, and let it go to work!

Botanical Curl Shaper Custard

When you see “For Tightly Coiled Textures” smack on the bottle, you know a product’s really made with you in mind. The Shaper Custard will help fight frizz, stretch coils, and keep your hair incredibly soft, par for the course for the You Be-Natural family. What sets it apart from its lotion sibling here is the level of intensity you’re looking at. Because it also has ingredients for definition and hold, the custard isn’t going to be your daily humectant. What it is going to do is become your creamy assistant for overnight stretching methods like banding and flat twisting. One SMALL (whatever amount that is for your hair—dime, half-dollar, whole wallet, etc.) dollop, 8 hours, and a satin scarf later, you’ll have curls that will make you have to tell yourself not to touch.

Botanical Edge Tamer All Day Hold Gel

The second you open the jar, you know this gel didn't come to play games. Much like Luster's Pink Edge Smoother, the thick surface is harder than you'd expect, think shea butter or the coconut oil that one time you accidentally put it in the fridge—and actually keep them in mind, because this Edge Tamer is packing both ingredients. Gels don’t have to be 100% lab created to keep your nape and forehead looking sleek, and this little jar is proof positive. If you keep your fivehead behind a twist out like I do most days, try smoothing a little into your palms at night before the cap goes on for more HD definition!

Feeling that green thumb yet?

Check out the line (plus a version of the custard for type 3Bs and down!) at Sally Beauty when you're ready to try these out!

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