Yes. Coffee!

… and the places that sell coffee: cafés!

I’m living in the wrong city (and century”> for this opinion, but I’m not that keen on writing in coffee shops. I don’t like how only one chair in any given place is going to have what I need in terms of space, light, and a place to charge my phone. Or being startled by the bean grinder or being exposed to people having fun on dates while I’m knee deep in 50 open tabs, 30 of which feature words via an online thesaurus.

Kind of a Grinch that way.

But it’s not like you can’t take the focusing positive power of the coffee shop atmosphere with you on regular office days!

This is how I do it:

Café Inspired Conditioners

I’m not the only one in love with Camille Rose Naturals’ Leave-In Collection. When you know what the company has achieved in less than a decade, it’s not difficult to understand the popularity! Shakespeare asked ‘What’s in a name?’, and while these guys don’t exactly smell like something you’d pick up from the barista, the collection’s honeypot look and beverage-inspired branding gives off that cute coffeehouse vibe. When I can’t find the collection itself, going back to the kiddie table with a milk, their Moisture Milk, to be precise, isn’t a half-bad compromise.

Source: @CamilleRoseNaturals via Instagram

Coffee Toned Lipstick

The resurgence of 90s style right as I’m more than old enough to actually purchase and wear it out brought deep brown lips to my attention in a major way. My favorites include Deepest Taupes and Dreams by Limnit Lipsticks and a perfect little beauty store brand that looks like a dead ringer for the OCC Sybil I was about to buy. Black coffee is high-key not for me and my baby stomach, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the aesthetics, right?

Matcha Powder

The power of matcha compels you! This powdered green tea does take a moment or two to get the hang of, blending-wise (think palette-swapped cinnamon challenge type results”>, but shaking it into my sweeter smoothies, or protein shakes adds a nice hit of energy for me along with an earthy flavor I just can’t get enough of. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:Thanks, Japan!

Source: Grafvision

Lemon Square Lip balm

My number one favorite café snack is the lemon bar. Perfectly tangy yet sweet, soft but crunchy—they’re the best of a lot of worlds in one resolution destroying little package. But seeing as I can’t type from beneath a mountain of crumbs, EOS’s lemon lip balm makes for a perfectly sunny solution! The lemon smell is rumored to help focus, and out of the office, this flavor is also packing protective SPF 15. Can’t be sour about that.

Pandora Plus

Not to sound like a shill for ‘Big Streaming’, but I can’t have focus music while I’m working. For someone that likes to talk as much as I do, the silence of other focused people can be absolutely deafening! It takes some time to fine-tune Pandora to make sure your stations are actually reflecting your mood music (Pitbull is NOT like Shakira if any of the execs are reading this”>, but the ability to mindlessly listen to a personalized ad-free radio station is well worth the few minutes and five-something per month. I prefer to leave playlist curation for the gym anyway.

Source: Pandora

Can you focus in coffee shops, or is it just me that needs to bring everything home? Tell us what you sip on and where!

And if you want more Camille Rose Naturals in your life, venture over to SHOP NaturallyCurly to get your hands on her hair care and styling system that is made of super healthy, food-grade ingredients!

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