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Heat damaged hair is unfortunately one of a curly girl’s worst nightmares. The damage is irreversible and hard to work with. Many opt for just cutting it off and starting over but what to do after that? Itstaylorsmith  finds herself in that very predicament and inquired about what to do in our Curly Q&A.


Can I wash and go or not yet? I did my second big chop two months ago, my hair was very long, but very heat damaged because I'd get silk presses every two weeks. So here I am 6-7 inches less of hair and it’s in an asymmetrical bob when it's straight short in the back longer in the front and shorter on one side than the other. But when it's wet the back is completely curly Fro all that and the front has like no curl pattern still even after my hair cut. I want to know if I can wash and go also what products to use for my hair type? I don't even know what that is?! Pls help!


You say the back has a curly fro but the front is straight. The problem could be the front needs more cutting. What you choose to use is really up to what works for your hair. Wash and go is my go-to style so I get the love for it and with your back being back to normal it seems it is ready for wash and go but your front is not. Not to worry, as there are options on how to handle this.

Fake it

You can do a partial wash and go by rolling the front with flexi rods or perm rods and allowing to dry. Bantu knots are another choice as well. The downside would be waiting for your hair to dry but this may only be an issue on wash day or whenever you wet your hair. Once the curls are in place and dry, you can rock the wash and go for a few days, making sure to protect it at night and scrunch in the morning for the hair to remember the style it was in.

Work with what you got

If you really desire the ease of the wash and go, you can simply scrunch the front and have more a wavy look in the front with your curls in the back. It may be a style you actually like. At night you can pin curl, Bantu knot, or roll the front to get second-day hair with your wash and go.

I would advise steering clear of the heat to avoid incurring more damage. By working with your texture you will find more styles that do not require heat. Make sure to deep condition after every wash, protect your hair at night with a satin or silk bonnet or pillowcase, and if the wash and go is just not working out then opt for all over styles like pin curls, perm rods, flexi rods, or traditional roller sets.

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