Looking for an easy updo that you can quickly achieve with your short hair? When your hair is my length (above the shoulders) it can be difficult to throw your hair up into a topknot, but this low braided updo makes it easy to keep the hair out of your face without hair coming loose throughout the day. I grew my hair out from a buzz/pixie cut so this isn't necessarily "short" for me, but compared to bra strap length or longer, mid-back length cuts, this is a shorter cut. This elegant hairstyle will look fabulous throughout the work week. I have 3A curly hair, but this style is suitable for all curl patterns. Follow along with the photos, or watch my video tutorial!

Step 1

Take a one-inch section of hair, split it into three parts, like you would do to make a regular braid.

Step 2

Take another one-inch section of hair level with the first and leave a small gap between the two. Essentially you are now doing a reverse French braid.

Step 3

Twist the braid up and around to form the top of the heart. Use bobby pins to pin it into place.

Step 4

Repeat with the second braid, pinning it to the first braid to for the top of the heart.

Step 5

Connect the ends of the braids together where the bottom point of the heart will be.  Pin in place with bobby pins and hide the ends of the braids with the rest of your hair and voila! That’s all there is to it!

Watch the Video