Photo of Caitlin via Glamour Magazine, who has multiple textures
We love our curls and every type in-between, and despite how we love uniformity in our life and hair, our hair does not always comply. We all have that one side that refuses to cooperate with us, and Simstone and her sister were having a debate on whether one can have naturally curly hair in one or more sections and naturally straight on another. They posed the question in our Curly Q&A to find out. 


Can your hair be half straight and half curly? I’m talking about naturally half and half! My sister is convinced this is possible but I don't believe it.


Yes, you can, although there are other reasons why someone would have curly strands right next to, on top of, or below straight strands. It can be damage from chemicals like a Brazilian keratin treatment, heat styling, or bleaching. This phenomenon can also occur naturally, Ouidad's former Artistic Director Ana told Glamour that is very normal for one head to have four different curl patterns ranging from loose waves to tight ringlets.

This happens due to genetics. Our DNA is to blame and research shows that the curvature of strands largely depends on the nature of the hair follicle. When the follicle is asymmetrical, the hair shaft grows oval in shape and tends to curl, but even a once curly hair follicle can change to a straight one. That’s right, hair can change its own texture and shape due to a myriad of reasons like medication, hormones, and the body’s chemistry.

How to manage your different textures

Do not fight your hair. Being rough with your hair, neglecting it, or opting for chemical treatments may only worsen the issue, even if you do not see the damage immediately. There are other ways to deal with naturally different textures, even if the differences seem extreme.

The right haircut

Get a cut to mask the difference or work with all of the textures. A professional stylist will know how to give you a cut that compliments all the textures. If you wear a wash and go regularly, let them see it shrunken, dry state to give you the best cut or style possible. Asymmetrical bobs, layering, or pixie cuts are just a few cutting options that will give your hair shape and allow your natural textures to rise to the occasion and look amazing. Allow a professional to work with your different textures to give you a style that may ease your worry about those differences until it is time for another cut.

Encourage the curl - without heat

You always have the option to make the straighter hairs curly or vice versa. If you want to steer clear of heat styling tools, then opt for flexi rods, pin curls, or twisting those straighter pieces to mirror your curlier strands. Scrunching is another technique that will help certain strands to curl. You can also do a roller set or the flexi rod set that will give all of your hair a uniform look too. When my sister had heat damage on one small section, she simply pinned it up when air-drying and when it was completely dry it fell right into place with all the other sections of her hair. Genius!

Different hair personalities makes for unique hair and for various styles to create. When you look at it in a negative way you will yield negative results or take drastic measures when only a few things like a new cut, scrunching, or stretching a few strands can give you what you want.

How do you style your multiple textures? Do you care about curl uniformity?