Do you know Maria Antoinette?

Licensed Cosmetologist and Cantu Beauty Global Stylist

In addition to being one of the most influential natural hair experts in our community, Maria Antoinette is the Cantu Beauty Global Stylist and a prime example of a go-getter! In our last installment of the NaturallyCurly + CVS Pharmacy Who Run the World? Curls! series for Women’s History Month 2017, we are featuring this amazing woman and her natural hair and beauty expertise.

In this exclusive interview, you will learn all about Maria Antoinette, from her passions to what she puts in that amazing ‘fro!

Who is Maria Antoinette?

“I am Cantu’s Global Stylist. I travel the world educating and encouraging people, through workshops and social media, on how to use Cantu products to achieve and maintain healthy hair.”

What education do you provide to the curious natural hair consumer?

“Dry scalp affects us all. The Apple Cider Vinegar Root Rinse is a great way to soothe the scalp from itching and irritation, often linked to dry scalp. Cantu removed the guessing game for all of us at home chemist. Their formula not only deeply cleans it moisturize and smells divine, so you can use the ACV root rinse as your cleanser and go straight into conditioning. Win win! Another product from the Cantu Refresh line that is amazing for scalp health is the Apple Cider Vinegar Root Relief the cool thing about this product is it doesn’t have to be rinsed out. Ideal for use in-between shampoos, as well as scalp health during your protective styles.”

When naturalistas inquire about maintaining their curls, what do they tend to focus on the most?

“The biggest question I get about my hair is how do I keep it while working out. For me I love keeping my hair braided down, the braids solve the hair part of the aftermath a work out leave on your head and my Cantu Apple Cider Vinegar Root Relief handles the rest. The Apple Cider Vinegar Root Relief is perfect when it comes to refreshing your scalp. Moisture on the scalp from sweat and product build up fosters the ideal place for bacteria to grow. The ACV is known to bring the scalp and hair back to ph balance and combats all bacteria and sebum, without leaving you with that stripped dry feeling hair or scalp. It is a major player in my overall hair and scalp health.”

We want to know: Who has influenced you, personally and professionally?

“Rosa Parks. She taught me that standing up for yourself was possible and she taught a nation that when we come together change can happen.”

Your influence in the natural hair community is powerful. How do you stay so inspirational?

“The biggest hurdle in achieving goals would be confidence. As women, we are often lacking in that department. I always tell myself and others, start with a small goal…accomplish it and make another small goal. By the time you get through a few of those goals your confidence and ability to see it grows and so do your goals. What once seemed like a huge goal now will seem small. Life is all about progression best bet is to just start and learn as you go.”

How can women who want to own their own business, become licensed professionals, and lead their own path to make an impact in the natural hair category?

“1. Be an ORIGINAL, you have to be different. You can’t come into this space and copy what someone else does. 2. Your hair might open the door but you have to have some substance to get you through it. Also, know that you might start with hair and it might take you down a path uncharted.”

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