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" When I first heard about sealing your hair to prevent loss of moisture, it made a lot of sense to me. So I used grapeseed oil, but it left my 3c hair looking very flat and wet (even though it was dry). So are there any light sealants that might not give me the same problems? Or is that what my hair is supposed to look like? What sealants do you use?"


It's important to understand how a sealing oil works. Grapeseed oil doesn't have penetrating powers strong enough to do anything other than sit on top of the hair, acting like an umbrella of protection from climate that would otherwise suck moisture from your curls. Grapeseed is also known as a carrier oil, which is something people used combined with an essential oil in order to moisturize.

Depending on what you're using the grapeseed oil in conjunction with, I suggest testing out other combos of either products or carriers, as each one works differently.

It's been chemically processed

Grapeseed oil has been through a rigorous process of having its oils extracted from the grape, going through machines, having the solvent hexane, which is actually toxic. Therefore, by the time it's bottled up and sent to your local beauty supply store for you to purchase, it's been refined, chemically altered, and then some. Look for the words "cold pressed" on your labels for the raw product in its truest form.

Slather on the shea butter

Next time you're attempting to seal moisture, add a layer of shea over your hair after you apply oil. For many curlies like yourself with dry hair, this usually works wonders.

Olive oil + Coconut oil

Also, use coconut oil as either a pre-poo or moisturizer on freshly washed hair. It's known to soften rough spots of hair and add definition to your spirals. I use extra virgin olive oil, and this is also great for penetrating the hair shaft and when used with a water-based leave-in, it's amazing for high porosity hair.

Look for these

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