Hello curlies, my name is Kiara. To the natural hair world I am known as Goldennlocks.

I am a full time mommy to two awesome little boys, a fiancé and a part-time retail associate who plans to go back to college this fall for Early Childhood Development. I've been wearing my hair in it's complete curly state for the past two years now. But I did transition for two years as well.  So my journey to curly has been four years total, with no intention on going back! 

Okay, so my inspiration ranges.

My initial reason for going natural was watching a Beyoncé concert special on Thanksgiving in 2010, one of her dancers had beautiful curly hair. I was in awe! Immediately I went to YouTube and searched "Curly Fro".

My initial reason for going natural was watching a Beyoncé concert special on Thanksgiving in 2010

One of the first videos that came up was PrettyDimples01, and from there I kind of just went from one video to the next. Then what really sent me over the edge was after my last perm, I had also dyed the sides of my hair blonde (think skunk) which lead to my hair falling out. I was pretty over it at that point. So PrettyDimples, Taren Guy, NikkiMae, CurlyNikki, TashiraMone, IvyCharlain and Naptural85 became my role models for natural hair.

My hair is about four different colors right now. Sad, I know.

It's suppose to be a golden blonde with lighter blonde highlights. I've had my hair colored for going on 3 years now. I usually dye my hair once a year. At first I was doing it myself. I was really stern on not allowing someone else to mess up my curly hair that I worked so hard to grow out. If anyone was going to mess my hair up, why not it be me? Which was my way of thinking until recently. I finally went to a salon last year and had my hair professionally colored. And I have to admit it was one of the better decisions I've made since going natural. 

To keep up with my color, I deep condition every week. Bleach as we know can be very drying to your hair. So deep conditioning is a must. I also do protein treatments after my hair has been colored. And as of last year I have implemented the LOC method into my regimen. Which has been a life savior for my colored hair.

My holy grail products would have to be Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-In conditioner, Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing smoothie, Coconut oil and my new fav has to be Shea Moisture JBCO Leave-In as well. And my go to style would be my twist and twist-outs. That style is pretty fool proof for me at the moment.

Watch my twist and curl tutorial

...and keep up with my natural hair journey!

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