box of herbal teas for hair rinsing

Rinses can give your hair an extra boost that you desire, especially when you thoroughly cleanse and condition your hair. Whether you are looking to reduce shedding and add shine, elasticity, and bounce, there are a few rinses that you can use to help with your desired result. Check these rinses out, and if you wish, add your own mixes to cater to your needs.                     

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV”>

ACV is no stranger to the natural hair community. For some curlies, it is a replacement for shampoo. Apple cider vinegar can be used to gently cleanse the hair and remove product buildup. It balances the pH of your hair and scalp. You can use a spray bottle or an application bottle to apply it. When diluting it with water, it will be best to start your measurements with 1 part ACV, 2 parts water. I use parts as a measurement because it can vary with length, density, and width of your strands. Apply the mixture on your hair, preferable after cleansing. You can also add your conditioner after you apply to mixture to moisturize your hair. Let the mixture sit for at least 15 min. and rinse. Yolanda Renee shows how she applies her ACV rinse.

Black Tea/ Coffee

Black tea and coffee rinses can be used to reduce hair shedding and both are easily accessible. The caffeine in the tea and coffee helps block DHT, which is the hormone that is responsible for hair loss. Black tea contains more caffeine than coffee, which may be a deciding factor when it comes to choosing a rinse. Simply apply the rinse after you shampoo or condition your hair. Some curlies like to leave the rinse in. Other curlies like to apply the rinse while they are deep conditioning their hair. Jenell Stewart shows how she applies her black tea rinse.

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Green Tea

Green tea can also be used as a rinse just like black tea or coffee and they have similar benefits. It is a great alternative if the other two rinses do not work for your curls. AuCurls Naturelle shows how she creates her green tea spray that can be used as a rinse.


Yes, you read that correctly. Beer rinse can help improve the elasticity of your hair. If your curls are looking dull or not popping like they used to after using heat styling tools, then a beer rinse can help improve your curls. The malt and hops in beer includes proteins that can help repair the hair. Chime Edwards shows how she applies her beer rinse.


Oil is another product that is not strange to the natural hair community. We spend so much time sealing our hair with oil, some may not have thought about oil rinsing. If you have dry hair, especially during this time of the year, oil rinsing may be a great addition to your washday. It will help moisturize your curls and keep them shiny. Simply apply oil to your hair after cleansing (choose an oil that works best for you”>. Again, you can also apply conditioner to your hair to add more moisture. Leave the mixture on your hair for at least 15 min. and rinse. SheDel, also known as MyThiftedCloset, shows how she oil rinses her hair.

Which rinse is your favorite?