So long are the days of the thin brow, as Microblading continues to take the beauty industry by full force. The highly sought out sister to cosmetic tattooing, Microblading is a less invasive yet slightly more permanent alternative to achieving fuller and thicker brows. Over a few sessions, brows are shaped, ink is deposited into the skin through tiny scratches, and your brows are at maximum Solange status with minimal effort outside of your appointment for up to 18 months. I had the chance to speak with Maggie, Master Technician & Owner of MPressive Faces in Houston, TX where she shared her story with me on how she became involved in the beauty industry and what sets her salon apart from the competition. MPressive Faces is her beauty baby and specializes in permanent makeup application and 3D Microblading techniques.  At MPressive, brows are the focus and Maggie and her team of brow gurus are killing the game.

Maggie, Owner & Master Tech at MPressive Faces, Photo Courtesy of S. Coleman

Tell us a little bit about your background. How did you come up with the idea for MPressive Faces?

“The original plan when I first began Microblading was to just do it for fun and as a hobby. Just something to do in the summer as I am much more known as a Professional Golf Instructor. Once I saw the demand for it, I started to market myself HARD. News stations caught wind of my service and they all jumped to do stories on my service. A little publicity never hurt anyone, right? Which in turn worked out for me as I was booked 2 months out after my first week of working.” 

What motivated you to work in the beauty industry, especially with something that is such a new trend?

“I have always wanted to do something in the beauty world. Whether is was a service or a product, I knew I wanted to do something. I’ve always been into cosmetics, beauty, and makeup. At the time, I felt like I wanted to do something that helped women (and men). I suffered myself from thin brows. I knew that if this could help me, then I could help a lot of individuals with this service as well.” 

Can you microblade your hairline lol?

"No you can not microblade a hairline, however, there are other micropigmentation techniques out there that can give the illusion of a fuller hairline. (Which we do offer)."

How long does Microblading last after the session is over?

"Typically about 8-18 months. However, do keep in mind the actual longevity of microblading will be determined by how well the client cares for their brows while they are healing, their skin type, and how active they are. (Sun, sweat, beach etc.)"

Photo Courtesy of MPressive Faces

How does a typical Microblading procedure go and how long is one session? How often are touch-ups needed?

"The procedure is usually a 2 hour block time. The first 20-30 minutes is pre-numbing the area, then we spend about 30 minutes getting a precise and accurate measurement of the brows so that they are more sisterly, then the rest of the time is the actual microblading. We do use more numbing during the procedure to make it as comfortable as possible. You also get one free touch up as part of your service because you are expected to lose some pigment during the initial healing phase. But after that, typically an annual touch up is all that’s needed to maintain brows."

If someone has a low pain tolerance, how can they ease the pain of the procedure?

"We use several numbing agents before and during the procedure so it is virtually painless. Just think, scratches. Haha Yes, we numb you for scratches." 

Has anyone with sensitive skin ever had an allergic reaction to microblading before? What are the risk factors for someone that does have sensitive skin?

"There are not many risk factors associated with Microblading as it’s merely a less invasive form of tattooing. The only allergy issues you may run into is the iodine solution or latex gloves. However, we use another prep solution if the client is allergic and we use non latex gloves." 

So what is the aftercare process like after a session?

"The aftercare process is no different from that of a tattoo. No touching as they are open cuts, no direct water, and ample amount of ointment will suffice for the aftercare."

Photo Courtesy of MPressive Faces

Are there any microblading alternatives for a beauty guru on a tight budget?

"At MPressive Faces we do have different Brow Technicians that charge different prices depending on your level of comfort when it comes to experience. We have our Brow Techs and Master Brow Tech. So if you are looking for a technician that charges less, then our Brow Techs would be the go to. However, if that is still out of your budget, then you may want to stick to the pencil or powder."

I know it has to be pretty impactful to have this procedure done. What has been your most memorable reaction from a client after a session so far?

“I have had all types of clients who have different medical issues that caused them to lose their eyebrows. Some have lost their eyebrows due to cancer and chemotherapy/radiation, alopecia, and trichotillomania (stress disorder where an individual pulls out their own hair). Some have not seen there face with brows in years. So to give them back that sense of self and give them brows is very fulfilling and rewarding in itself. There have been moments where tissue has been passed around and hugs that lasted longer than 3 minutes.”

Photo Courtesy of MPressive Faces

Where do you see beauty trends going in the future?

"I think the beautiful full brow will always be in style. Unlike the super thin 80’s-90’s brow that came and went. A lot of women are paying for it now. These days, as long as you have brows, wifi, and good credit, YOU’RE GOOD!"

Current song you're vibing to at the moment?

"At this very moment, Focus x  H.E.R."

Favorite beauty habit you have?

"Super quirky, but I don’t think there is a better beauty habit than drinking plenty and I mean PLENTY of water."

Want to know more about Maggie & MPressive Faces? Check her out @MPressiveFaces & @ShePlaysGolf.

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