When styling my hair, I am a low maintenance curly girl. I prefer to wear the same hairstyles and favor wearing my curls stretched to prevent tangles. Blow-outs are one of the few styles I incorporate in my regimen. I usually get my hair blown out four times a year. If I am getting a blow-out, it is usually time to trim and I usually get a trim once a season. I schedule a blow-out and trim with my stylist. When prepping for my blowout, I cleanse and deep condition my hair. A heat protectant leave-in conditioner is applied throughout my curls and my stylist dries my hair in sections and then she blow-dries my detangled hair. After blow-drying my hair, I get a trim or she applies a heat protectant serum to straighten my hair with a flat iron. When straightened, I wrap my hair and use a satin scarf at night to maintain the style. I make sure to use my satin bonnet and shower cap to keep my hair dry. When I take my wrap down, I comb my hair and it falls exactly the way I want it to. This style can last up to two weeks if I maintain it properly. For versatility, I also alter my styles between ponytails and wearing my hair half up and down. When my edges start to frizz, I use ORS Edge Control and smooth with a brush. It keeps my edges smooth and it does not trigger my curls to revert, which allows me to maintain the straight look. If I decide to not straighten my hair, I will maintain my blowout by wearing stretched twist outs or braid outs. If I decide that I want more volume, I will install bigger twists. If I prefer more definition, I will wear smaller twists. When wearing my hair in these stretched styles, I retwist my hair every night to keep the definition using a styling cream, such as the
TGIN Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer , and take my twists down with light oil. Using just a few products allows for my blow-out to last long, because my hair will not get weighed down as fast. Like previously mentioned, I use a satin cap and shower cap to maintain the style.  Blow-outs are great ways to switch up your styling and show off the length that you worked so hard on (pat yourself on the back). It is also a way for you to give yourself a more accurate trim, since you are able to see your curls stretched. By prepping your curls and finding a stylist or proper hair tools, you can safely use heat to straighten your hair and style in multiple ways. With proper maintenance, you can enjoy your styles and make them last until your next wash day.

How do you incorporate blow-outs in your regimen? How do you make your blow-outs last without reverting?