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I absolutely loved my hair color. The ombre technique switched up my look and added versatility to my styling. However, I noticed some changes with my curls this time during my color experience. My hair was not retaining moisture the way it used to. I layered a variety of products and had to re-apply often to keep my hair moisturized. I also had to let go of my Holy Grail product, coconut oil! The coconut oil was sitting on top of my hair and did not penetrate my strands. It left my color-treated hair dull and dry. My twist–outs were not long lasting and defined, which left me re-twisting at night more frequently. After trial and error, I finally found products that kept my color-treated hair moisturized and defined. I thought I finally had an answer to obtaining a healthy hair routine for my curls.

The seasons started to change and the cool, crisp autumn air shocked my curls instantly. I was back to having dull hair. I attempted to switch products again, but I did not see any improvements. When I made the decision to color my hair back to dark brown, I knew it would improve the appearance, especially since darker hair has more sheen.

I decided to use a demi-permanent hair color, because I knew it would give me the coverage needed without using permanent hair color. I used the Wella Professionals Color Charm Demi Permanent hair color (3N, Dark Natural Brown”> along with the Wella Professionals Color Charm Activating Lotion throughout my curls from the root to the ends. I applied the color to freshly washed hair and applied a little conditioner before coloring. This allowed me to manipulate the color throughout my hair with more ease since my curls were detangled. I left the color on for about 30 min. since I did not use any diffused heat during processing. Before rinsing, I thoroughly checked my hair to make sure the color processed. After rinsing the color out, I shampooed my curls and raked conditioner through my strands.

For the winter months, I plan to add the following to my hair regimen:

  • Oiling my scalp: My scalp is so dry in the colder months. Using my favorite oil blend, I give myself scalp massages to help me relax and promote healthy hair growth.
  • Black Tea Rinses: I removed black tea rinses from my hair regimen while I had color-treated hair, because I did not want them to darken my hair. Now that my hair is darker, I use black tea rinses to reduce shedding and promote healthy hair growth.
  • Protective Styling: Protective styling is essential in my regimen, and I tend to do it more in the colder months. This fall I will be rocking more box braids and Marley twists. Now that my hair is dark brown, it will be easier for me to find hair that matches my current hair color. At times it can be difficult to match color-treated hair.

Have you recently colored your hair? Have you noticed any changes during the cooler months? Please share with the curly community.

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