Deep-clean washdays are a lot of rinse work.

Depending on how intense your own heightened routines get, you may be rinsing your hair off double the amount of your usual regimen, or more! Fortunately for water conservation, we space the deep cleans out out of necessity. But if you have a natural color on your hair that you actually came by supernaturally (hey, don't tell us great color isn't from the gods themselves), all of the hard work that went into changing it may be going down the drain when it comes to your regularly scheduled maintenance.

So basically, if you’re planning on heading out for a romantic spring fling, you have to choose between meeting your sweetie looking either washed out or dried up...

Devri unhappily hefts her hair
It's going to be a 'no' from us.

Hard pass on both of those.

Cantu stepped in to halt the pigmentation vs. moisturization dichotomy in its tracks with a one-two punch from their Color Protecting and Natural Hair Care lines. The quinoa protein derivatives in the anti-fading products utilize one of our favorite ancient grains to keep your pigment where it belongs, and the moisturizing power of coconut oil, shea butter, and more fight frizz and dryness on afro-textured and coarser curls. Our Content Editor extraordinaire Devri demonstrates!

Since you’re already planning ahead for the deep-maintenance extras (snacks, podcasts, fainting couch, etc.), add stopping by a Walgreens to your list and check out their Cantu product selection.

Devri gets a rose petal shower for her finished look!
Check out how we got to this point!

First step, as always, is cleansing. You’ll be suds'ing it up with the Color Protecting Shampoo followed by the Color Protecting Conditioner.

Where things start getting intense is with the Color Protecting Moisture Masque. Your color treated hair is going to be moisturized for softness and strength, without that H2O lifting your color up and off the strands to do it.

Devri un-towels after the final rinse.
Final rinse of the day!

By now you may already be noticing that the Quinoa ProTech™ Technology is having you look a little more vibrant than you're used to! But the proof is in the plopping (or however you prefer to dry).

After you’re all primed and ready for the final phase, you’ll want to get set to style! Devri’s using the the Natural Hair line's Coconut Curling Creamwhich long-time readers will recognize as NaturallyCurly’s Best of the Best winner in 2013—to add a final layer of moisture, cancel out any potential frizz, and help keep her coils defined. Warm in your hands, pull through your strands, then go!

Helpful Hint: If that last step seems a little too heavy, the Natural Hair collection is still in your corner with the Coconut Oil Shine & Hold Mist, and the Wave Whip Curling Mousse!

All set!

Devri serves some cute 3/4s face
Strike a pose!

You’re giving us color and style to DYE for, without the formerly necessary touchups. Your stylist (or kitchen sink) will just have to get used to seeing you a little less. Meanwhile the folks at your nearest Walgreens will start getting to know you, and what better way to kick off the introduction than with a sale!

All of this color-trapping Cantu goodness will be available at a BUY 2, GET 1 FREE price through the remainder of April, so you’re extra good to go!**

Prep like a boss and feel the love from your lucky date, from us, and from your own fine self!

A time-lapse transformation into the final look!
Find what you need, look how you like. It's a snap!

Let's follow Devri through the whole process via the almighty 'Gram...

We can't wait to see and share the amazing end results of your date ‘do! If you feel like showing off, tag @NaturallyCurly and @CantuBeauty on Instagram and tell us #HowYouCantu!

**Offer valid online and in store. Buy 2, Get 1 Free Sale (Cantu) and inventory may vary across local retailers. Sale ends April 30, 2017.