We love sharing NaturallyCurly community photos on our Facebook page, and the only thing we love more seeing the outpour of support and encouragement that you all give each other on those photos. It's a great place to share your good (and bad) hair days, and for people to ask what techniques and products you used to achieve them.

But there's one community member in particular who consistently receives the most likes, shares and questions - we even call her "the most popular twist out on Facebook" around the office. Because we've been dying to know, and we know you are too, we asked Angel exactly how she produces these good hair days. And in case you're wondering what climate Angel lives in (because that will certainly affects how the routine works) she is based in NYC. 

Wash Day

I procrastinate quite a bit on wash day (every Saturday) I wake up at around 7am with every intent of washing my hair but never get around to starting until 10-10:30. From start to finish of the wash/style cycle and depending on what I'm going for that week it can take me any where between 1 1/2 hrs for a washNgo, to 4-5hrs for a 2-strand twist either on air dried hair or tension blow outs on low/cool setting I like my hair to be damp or dry when I'm doing my twist hence the time. I use a tee shirt to absorb most of the water before I do either of these two steps.

  1. ACV Spritz - I start off by using 1 part water to 1 part Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) in a spritz bottle to saturate my hair in 4 or 2 sections using my fingers to detangle.
  2. Co-Wash - Without washing out the ACV I add my co wash (As I Am Coconut Co Wash) massaging as I go along.
  3. Deep Condition - Wash that out and follow with my deep conditioner (Aubrey Organic Honey Suckle Rose or GPB) sit under hooded dryer for 30mins or for intense deep conditioning I use the steamer.
  4. Condition - I then wash out and follow with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration.
  5. Blot Dry - Once I wash that out I use a tee shirt to dry out some of the water then I add my leave in conditioner/moisturizer (Oyin Hair Dew).
  6. Style - Then I add my styler of choice.

Maintaining a Twist Out

To maintain I sleep on a satin pillow case and re-twist on Wednesday evenings. If I have a fuzzy spot when I wake up I would add a little cream to my finger smooth it down that section of hair and twist it until I'm ready to head out to work. I tried the pineapple once and because my hair has a mind of its own it stayed to the top of my head when I woke up the next morning (I'm convinced that's for longer hair).

Must-Have Twist Out Products

That's easy! Oyin Hair Dew Leave In Conditioner (best moisturizer) I have to use that before any styler touches my hair. As for stylers hands down As I Am DoubleButter Cream and Miss Jessie Jelly Soft or Pillow Soft Curls.

It Wasn't Always This Good

When I first started out doing the 2 strand twist I would do it on wet hair and I would twist the hair before wrapping it around each other (through YouTube I learned that was called the "kinky twist"). For one thing I would wake up with my hair still wet the next day and it would be a shrunken mess. Yes I went to church with my hair looking like that hahaha. Couldn't be bothered I knew one day I would figure it out.

Did I ever figure it out too. I decided to practice, I stopped doing it on wet hair and did it on damp or dry hair and instead of twisting before wrapping I started to smooth the strands down as I twist. It didn't always turn out perfect at first but as time went by I started to master the art of the two strand twist.  That has now become my go to style.

Thanks for sharing your twist out secrets with us Angel! Feel free to share your twist outs and good hair days with us on our Facebook page.  

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