As of late we have been sharing a lot of wash and go tips. What was once considered a high-maintenance style is now considered low maintenance by those who have mastered it. Curl pattern and length are major determinants in selecting products, understanding how to apply the products, and learning how to maintain the style. Tighter textures tend to like gels while looser textures prefer styling creams or mousse. Then, there is the choice between the pineapple, multi pineapple, and modified pineapple while you sleep. Never believe that there is only one way to achieve and maintain a style. This journey is all about doing what works for you. And with more Type 4 wash and go tutorials surfacing on YouTube, it appears that the trend for women with tighter textures is towards quick styling. T he next step is learning how to maintain it. Last month we published A Wash and Go Like You’ve Never Seen Before and there was a resounding positive response on Natalie’s no-fuss approach to hair care. Now she’s back to share her highly anticipated wash and go maintenance routine. In this video Natalie, the brilliant mind behind one of our favorite blogs The Tiny Closet, takes us through 6 days of her wash and go, and on the 7th day she washes! She shows us firsthand what her hair looks like when she wakes up, and the ways she deals with shrinkage and the changing shape of her hair as the days progress. She also shares a full description of  her hair type:
  • Curl pattern - Type 4
  • Width - Very fine, it feels soft, feathery, wispy and light 
  • Density - Thick, high density
  • Porosity - Very high porosity

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

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How do you maintain your Type 4 wash and go?