Oh, no!

It's wash day, and you don't have everything you need to get your hair looking perfect for the work week.

Terror strikes your heart because you realize that the last dollops of leave-in aren't even a dime sized amount. Now, you've got to go out in public with your hair looking terrible!

The horror!

You collect yourself and look in your product collection for items that will help you get a naturally beautiful style within a matter of minutes. Just as you begin to feel a little better about this styling snafu, your fingers rub against curl defining gel that's cemented itself to the bottom of its container.

Try as you might, there's no escaping your fate...  You're having a styling crisis, curly girl.

No matter when you run out of your maintenance and styling Holy Grail items, you need to know instinctively what products work for your curls and how to shop for them. Knowing the type products your curls need to look its best at all times is essential.

In the following Sally Beauty sponsored video, featuring the luminous Evelyn Ngugi, you will learn how to navigate your local beauty store with the greatest of ease. You'll also learn how your curls will can become the healthiest they've ever been because of these products!

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5 Wash Day Must-Haves Giveaway

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June 24, 2016 - July 1, 2016

Before you go...

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As ever, stay curly!