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Hair butters are no strangers to the curly hair community. We use butters to help seal in moisture from the leave-in conditioners that we apply to keep moisture locked in our hair. Some popular hair butters include shea and coco butter, but there are also less popular butters that also nurture your beautiful curls. Acai butter has great benefits and this super fruit can definitely improve the health of your curls and your body.

Acai is a purple fruit that comes from the acai palm tree. When you first take a glance, it looks like a blueberry. It has a tangy taste and it provides many health benefits like releases toxins and aiding in weight loss. What does this super fruit do for the hair?

The Benefits for Your Hair

This fruit helps strengthen and grow the hair with zinc and folic acid, which prevents hair loss.  It also contains omega fatty acids and proteins that can also strengthen the hair. You can consume acai by including acai berries in your diet through smoothies, supplements, or just by eating the berries itself. You can also include these berries in your hair regimen by using acai butter or acai oil.  

Products with Acai

Now that you learned some of the benefits of acai, are you excited to include it in your hair regimen? Below are some products that contain acai butter and/or acai extracts:

DIY Acai Butter

If you prefer to DIY, you can create a hair butter that includes acai butter or acai extracts. Our very own Evelyn shares a recipe for whipped hair body. You can add acai butter or acai oil and modify the recipe to cater to your curls needs.

What You’ll Need
  1. Combine the shea butter and jojoba oil in a bowl.
  2. Boil a pot of water and place your bowl inside the pot to create a double boiler, stir until soft.
  3. Add less than 10 drops each of spearmint and lemongrass essential oils.
  4. Whip the mixture with a handheld mixer.
  5. Create a piping bag by placing a Ziploc bag inside a large cup.
  6. Scoop the whipped mixture into a Ziploc bag.
  7. Cut a hole in one of the corners of the Ziploc and squeeze the mixture into a container.

Acai butter can provide many strengthening benefits for your curls, including the use of acai berries to rejuvenate your curls and stave off dryness. Acai can also provide many health benefits and will help contribute to your overall health.

Do you use products that include acai butter or extracts? What are your favorite ways of incorporating acai to your hair regimen?

Ashley Glenn

Ashley Glenn is a Baltimore lifestyle blogger and founder of Ashley Glenn Blog. She believes that every curly has beautiful curls, no matter the shape, size, or texture.

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