A healthy scalp and hair follicles are the true keys to hair growth!

Make every coil count with ORS Olive Oil for Naturals, infused with Ghee Butter!
Make every coil count with ORS Olive Oil for Naturals, infused with Ghee Butter!

Without a clean scalp, your curls won't be primed for the moisturizing goodness of ghee butter, nature's answer to shinier, stronger, and longer curls.

Ethiopians have been keeping their hair healthy and regal for ages by using ghee butter for hair maintenance. Understanding this hair truth, a group of industry legends created a whole new hair care and styling system for your curls: ORS Olive Oil for Naturals infused with Ghee Butter and Coconut Oil.

Since you're familiar with the merits of coconut oil, we will explore what makes ghee butter ideal for textured hair growth in this sponsored post.

Ghee butter is especially friendly to shrinkage-prone curls.

Because ghee butter is clarified, your curls are only receiving the fatty oil that contains Vitamins A, E, and K.

Although all hair types and curl patterns benefit from ghee butter, curls in the latter 3 and 4 texture types will yield stunning results when using the new ORS formulation. Below is a Type 3 and 4 moisturizing method, much like our coveted L-O-C method, that you can use on a regular basis for deeply moisturized, defined curly hair. Seriously - I used this method myself and trust that you will love the results. Let's get into it, shall we?

Step 1: Hydrate and repair split ends with ghee butter

ORS Olive Oil for Naturals hydrating hair butter infused with ghee butter and coconut
Hydrating Hair Butter infused with ghee butter and coconut

Since curls and coils are prone to breakage, we see split ends from time to time. When that happens, it's best to book a seat in your stylists' salon for a trim. After your visit, you need to maintain your ends. That's why ghee butter is so important!

How to use: Emulsify a small amount of hydrating hair butter in your hands to warm it up. To treat your ends simply coat them in the butter, making sure to firmly squeeze the oily substance into stands. Although many fatty oils seem heavy, ghee butter doesn't weigh down curls.

Bonus tip: Are you prone to dry scalp? I am. Especially between wash days. I found that this butter was a quick fix for the dry areas around my temples and around my ears, places where I experience the most dryness.

Step 2: Soften with a nourishing butter-based styler

ORS Olive Oil for Naturals Butter Creme Styling Smoothie infused with ghee butter and coconut
Butter Creme Styling Smoothie infused with ghee butter and coconut

Heralded as one of nature's ultimate hair moisturizers, ghee butter's nourishing properties are best seen when used to deeply condition the hair. Curly, textured hair benefits from this type of condition during the styling process, when moisture is often lost.

How to use: Ideal for either dry or wet styling, apply a small amount this styling smoothie in sections. To ensure that every strand is coated, I recommend gently raking the product through your curls starting at the ends and working up to the roots. You'll love the slip that's generated with this application method!

Bonus tip: My favorite way to use this styling smoothie is as a hydration mechanism for my nighttime protective styling, especially two-strand twists. The trick to hydrating and curl enhancement is in the application, for sure: smooshing the product into each section and/or strand will give you optimal results.

Step 3: Set your look with a gentle yet powerful gel

ORS Olive Oil for Naturals Butter Glaze Gel Souffle infused with ghee butter and coconut
Butter Glaze Gel Souffle infused with ghee butter and coconut

Another attribute of ghee butter is its ability to make hair shiny and soft, something that all us curlies want. Although you could definitely get the power of the glow with the aforementioned hydrating hair butter, it's best to set your curls with a gel that boosts your hair's natural sheen. The Butter Glaze Gel Souffle will do just that while giving your curls the POP you love.

How to use: You've noticed that a little goes a long way with ghee butter-infused products so the gel souffle is no exception. Apply the gel with your fingers to either dry or wet curls, gently raking through from ends up to tips to ensure complete coverage. This gel is perfectly lightweight enough for finger coils, the look that helps elongate and define your curls.

Bonus tip: This gel souffle was a life-giver for my wash and go this week. I like to wear my coils up and pull back, but I still want curl definition and girl... I got it! Each of my coils looked more coilier than ever (which I didn't think was possible) and felt super soft.

How will you use this new ghee butter infused family of curl life-givers?

To get my desired styles between wash days, I used all three of these products in the ORS Olive Oil for Naturals hair care and styling system. The results were impressive curl definition and visible moisture (and you know that means the world to Type 4s, especially 4Cs like me). That's why I highly recommend you try the aforementioned sequence as well: Hair Butter + Styling Smoothie + Gel Souffle!

Then tell me about your results in the comments section below. If you'd rather show the community your lovely locks, hop over to StyleNook and show out!

BONUS: Since we think you're going to fall head over feet for this new line of ghee butter-infused hair products, our NaturallyCurly video team created the ULTIMATE ghee butter guide! We're going to debut it next month so if you haven't subscribed to the NaturallyCurly YouTube page, do it today so you don't miss out!

As ever, stay curly!