Black-owned businesses are more than a hashtag, more than a catch-all term, more than a selling point: Black-owned businesses and innovations are the needle and thread of the American economic landscape.

That is why our community must continue to #SupportBlackBusiness before, during, and after Black History Month. This is a conscious, intentional effort that will bolster the Black diaspora and our world village, on the whole!

Your Favorite Brands are Black-Owned

In this sponsored post, the owners of beloved brands in our textured, natural hair community are sharing how they have focused on growing the natural hair care space while helping all of us achieve our curl goals!

OBIA Naturals

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“Representation matters. I’m humbled to be acknowledged and included amongst an emerging crop of powerful and influential African American women. It is my duty to continue to push past boundaries and shatter expectations to honor those that have come before me.” -Obia Ewah, MPH and CEO of OBIA Naturals

With its laser-focus on producing vegan, pH balanced, non-toxic hair and body care products that offer a natural alternative to conscientious consumers, OBIA Naturals is among one of our community’s favorite brands. Presented with the 2015 Best Emerging Brand for Type 4 Natural Hair award by NaturallyCurly editors, OBIA Naturals continues to create remarkable textured and curly hair products that show your strands nothing but love.

As a part of her quest to live a healthier lifestyle, Ewah decided to big chop, revealing a head full of health, coily textured hair that needed a combination of products that were not only great for curl maintenance, but non-toxic. The newly big chopped student eagerly concocted botanical blends for her relatives and friends. A mere four years later, Ewah became the CEO of a global business!

The reason we love OBIA Naturals is because it’s so great for the scalp and strands. There’s simply no bad stuff in it! No mineral oil, no sulfates, no alcohol, no petroleum… no nasties! What’s even better is that Obia Ewah is dedicated to producing high-quality hair care products that will help us achieve our overall health and beauty goals!

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Camille Rose Naturals

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What’s the Camille Rose “Natural Way”? It’s healthy. It’s wholesome. It’s everything you love about your texture and more!

Nourishing your natural hair is top of mind every day. Janell Stephens, Founder and Master Mixtress of Camille Rose, understands this so very well. That’s why her vegan collection of foodie-inspired hair and body products has been lauded by our NaturallyCurly community for years. Perfectly concocted for all hair textures and skin types, the Camille Rose collection is among the most natural lifestyle-friendly product lines in the marketplace.

One of the premier products in the Camille Rose family is the Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse. Why? Well, because it’s going to wake up your follicles and put you in a good mood! That’s right. This nourishing curl cleanser was designed to bring your curls to life. Partner your curl cleanser with the moisture-rich Almond Jai Twisting Hair Butter and you can’t go wrong.

There’s nothing like caring for your curls the way your favorite curl-preneur cares for her own!

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Mixed Chicks

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When we reached out to Wendi Levy Kaaya and Kim Etheredge, the co-founders of Mixed Chicks had this message to share with everyone in our NaturallyCurly Community:

“To be a poor man is hard but to be a poor race in a land of dollars is the very bottom of hardships.” -W.E.B. DuBois

“Mixed Chicks would like to remind you that it is not only important for black people to support black-owned businesses, it is important for non-blacks as well. When you support black business, you’re supporting a dream. Children who grow up seeing businesses owned by all races will understand there is a level playing field in the world of entrepreneurship and that everyone has access to the American dream.” –Mixed Chicks

So powerful! So true!

What we love about this Black-owned business is that since its launch in 2004, Mixed Chicks has stayed true to its core values of developing products that are optimal for multicultural hair. Because people with multicultural hair have multiple textures and curl patterns, it was imperative that these women shared their empathy with the community-at-large by offering a collection of products that addressed the needs of a niche consumer group. Starting with a leave-in-conditioner and a dream, both Kaaya and Etheredge set out on a journey that would change the natural hair care industry forever. From their gentle, tears-free Kids Shampoo to their replenishing oil, Mixed Chicks continues to amaze the community with its innovative products and multicultural curls solutions.

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We’re Celebrating Black History Month all year long!

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