Summer is going to be here before we know it and I am super excited for warm weather and beach time.

Another added bonus for summer: although there is absolutely no scientific fact behind this, my hair actually grows a bit more in hotter weather. Here are my goals and products I plan on using for my hair in the upcoming warm months:

1. Make sure to deep condition

This is always my top piece of advice for hair care health. It is extra important to regularly deep condition during the summer since hair is exposed to harsh environmental aggressors such as the sun, wind, ocean and pool water! When it comes to deep conditioning, I like to add in heat using the Thermal Hair Care Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap every other week. This cap has made deep conditioning with heat incredibly easy for me.

If I know I will be out in the sun for any extended period of time, I will apply deep conditioner before hand since the sun's heat also penetrates the hair turning what could be damage into a treatment!

2. Get a trim

Yes, I'm trying to grow my hair long but trims and shapings are so essential so split ends do not travel up the hair shaft and cause more damage. Since I trim roughly every four months or so, my plan is to see my hair stylist, Jason at Ouidad Flagship in NYC sometime around the end of May or beginning of June, right at the start of summer season, then again in late September or October when the weather changes. I don't take off much--just the slightest dusting possible. I am hoping to have the last parts of my damaged dyed hair at the tips by my October trim.

3. Use a protective UV spray

The sun can burn our skin as well as damage our hair. For the times I am outside but not long enough to use a conditioner like mentioned above, I will use a UV spray to protect my hair from harsh rays. Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Detangling Heat Spray and Briogeo Rosarco Milk are two current favorites for this.

4. Use an anti-frizz spray

My hair gets a lot frizzier in the warmer, more humid months. A stronger hold gel and using an anti-frizz product is crucial to me if I want good hair days. I like using Raw Curls Anti-Frizz Spray as the first step out of the shower. It is so lightweight, I do not even feel it in my hair. When I pair it with their Firm Hold Gel, good hair days are practically a guarantee, as Raw Curls products contain a patented anti-frizz molecule exclusive to their company.

5. Air dry more often

I already try to air dry most of the time, but if it is cold outside I have no choice but to diffuse. Since it is warmer out now, I can air dry and go out of my house with wet hair without worrying about my waves freezing off. If you do blow dry regularly, it is always a good idea to give your hair a break from heat and air dry in this season to take a break from heat damage.

6. Continue taking hair vitamins

I take the Viviscal supplements to help keep my hair healthy 365 days a year. So I will continue to do so as the year goes on. While these cannot replace a well balanced diet of course, I find them to be an excellent addition to for my hair to grow in as healthy as possible.

Of course, I look forward to enjoying the warmer months while still growing and taking care of my hair!

How do you keep your curls healthy in the warmer seasons?

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