If this science-based natural hair product line is one you haven’t become familiar with yet, shame on you. Obia Naturals is a natural hair product line you’ll try–and fall in love with. It’s currently available for purchase online in CurlMart and has recently been used in tutorials by popular natural hair influencers @heycurlie and @actuallyashly.

Obia Naturals is a line of science-based products promoting healthy hair by balancing the pH level using non-toxic vegan ingredients and only the highest quality of herbs and essential oils.

Its maintenance for managing natural hair is what the brand strives to serve.

This hair care line is named after and created by Obia Ewah. She is based in the United States and of Nigerian descent. The chemist holds degrees in Chemistry and Biology, which is why her products are very focused on the science of hair and what is important for health and learning why certain routines may not be working for you.

Along with her passion for cosmetic chemistry came the urge for Obia to change her own lifestyle due to sickness.

As a result of starting her natural hair journey, Obia began experimenting at home and making her own hair products as a hobby. Years later in 2012, Ewah’s formulations turned into products that can be used for not only her but also others with natural, transitioning or relaxed hair.

It is great as a consumer when you come across a brand that you feel you can trust and Obia is a great example; she has the right experience and knowledge along with being extremely personable. On Obia’s own YouTube channel, she uses the products on her own hair with step-by-step tutorials. Below is a list of products I recommend.

2016 Winner of the NaturallyCurly Best Of The Best Awards, this shampoo bar is made up of Coconut, shea butter, rosemary essential oil, castor bean, & more to give you an invigorating scalp cleanse without stripping moisture.

This is a stand-out product from Obia’s wash and go routine you can see how easy it is to detangle with once applied directly to the hair as if the shampoo was a conditioner. If you are in need of a moisturising shampoo and like to use shampoo bars this is definitely one to go for.

This deep conditioner is infused with Rice oil, Babassu seed oil, pro-vitamin B5 and avocado oil all perfect natural ingredients that will leave you with soft, super-moisturised curls. And while some deep conditioners often end up making your hair feel dry or hard (due to protein overload”>, the Obia Naturals Babassu Deep Conditioner is protein free so it will restore your natural hair’s moisture balance.

For the twist out lovers, this product has given flawless results as seen in a tutorial from @actuallyashly and is the perfect butter to keep your twist out in tact.

The butter is made up of all things moisturizing. From the beloved shea butter, mango butter, tucma butter, aloe vera and more! You can use this butter on dry and wet hair. Use a small amount evenly to each section of the hair when twisting.

Have you tried Obia Naturals?

If so, let us know what your favourite product from the line is!



Shannon aka "UK Curly Girl" is natural hair blogger/YouTuber from London, UK! She is a self-proclaimed product junkie who is transitioning to natural curls. Her passion is sharing her journey with other curly women — especially those in the UK, where the natural hair market is just now beginning to grow.

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