Stop Winter Hat Head, Once and For All

2014-01-09 17:59:12

Stop Winter Hat Head, Once and For All

Avoid crushing your gorgeous curls underneath a winter cap with these tips.

It's cold outside, for lack of a better word. As we brave through the winter chill to get to work, school, or home, it's necessary to keep as warm as possible.

Hats are all the craze this season, for obvious reasons. But that doesn't mean that we have to put our curls to shame every time we put one on.

Here are a few quick tips to stay free of hat head this winter.

Do's & Definitely Don'ts

DO keep the hat material in mind


When stocking up on cute hats, be sure to keep the size and materials in mind. Stay away from synthetic materials, as they cause frizz. Instead, opt for wool, cashmere, and cotton caps. They help prevent static hair.


DON'T brush hair


In cold weather, our hair lacks moisture. Brushing your hair will only make your hat head worse, so if you can help it--avoid doing so.


DO dry hair thoroughly


If your hair is still wet when you put a hat on it, in a few hours it will likely flatten the curls on the top of your head. If you have time before work to air dry or blow dry, it is definitely worth it. If you don't, bring a travel-sized diffuser like the Color Design Systems Ultra Light Diffuser. It is inexpensive, effective and small enough to fit in your purse.


The Essentials

As mentioned previously, your hair loses moisture in colder climates. This increases the chance of static hair. Leave-in conditioners like Cantu Shea Butter Leave In or Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner work really well with replenishing thirsty hair.


These items are a must whenever you're out and about and don't have much time:


  • Static guard - spray a bit inside your hat before throwing it on
  • Dryer sheets - if you don't have static guard, rub these on the inside of your hat to prevent static cling
  • Gel or hairspray - to smooth flyaways. We like Sprout Natural Hair Gel & DevaCurl Spray Gel. 



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Devri Velázquez

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Cotton isn't good for her hair either. I would better suggest wearing your satin bonnet underneath your hat or beanie. If your hat keeps slipping off of your head, do what I do, and just use a few bobby pins and pin the bonnet and hat to your head. This way you protect your hair and have to try and find a hat that isn't synthetic or made out of cotton which most of them are. Who had the money to be buying cashmere hats anyway!