The Natural Hair community is growing across Canada, and rightfully so!

Canada is a large country however not a lot of places have cultural spaces. Lack of cultural spaces lends itself to less resources for Canadian naturals. Buying products across the border can be pricey after the tax increase occurs. This is why 5 vloggers from 5 major cities in Canada--Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Toronto West--have come together for a collaboration on a resource campaign that we call "Canadian Natural Hair Guide".  This collaboration is so important because to highlight salons, product owners, events and meet-up groups for others to be informed about what is happening in their city.

If you are in Canada and rock your natural hair, you no longer have to consider reverting back to the creamy crack because of a lack in resources for your hair texture.

TORONTO: Anya (me)

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OTTAWA: Jemy1415

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TORONTO (Peel Region): Charnel

Natural hair stylists

There are specialized hairstylists who can cut, treat, colour and straighten naturally curly hair in Toronto and it’s surrounding areas.  It’s just a matter of knowing where to go and who to trust with your curls. Gone are the days of walking into a salon with sweaty palms and fingernail biting because you just don’t know if you’ll exit with a chemical relaxer.

In the videos below, reliable salons are featured in all 5 major cities.

In the Toronto video, not only in the downtown area but also in Scarborough and suburbia--Markham, Ajax, Pickering and Oshawa. You will have no more excuses for why you can’t stay natural and embrace your curls to the fullest.  In suburbia although the communities are filled with salons that cater predominately to straight hair, we've listed at least 1 natural hair salon for each neighbourhood.

Mobile hair stylists

Mobile Hairstylists are convenient for pregnant moms, new mothers, naturals who are on bed rest, or lazy naturals who do not have a car. Mobile or not, it is always a good idea to read online reviews and following the stylist on social media before making an appointment. For a full list of salons and hairstylists in Canada, click here. Below are some notable natural hair salons and stylists in Toronto.

Where to get products

Canadians experience high cost in products to strict border laws. Thankfully, we are starting to see some progress in changing this reality. These are probably the top 3 boutiques (and ecommerce stores) in Canada:

These globally known curl hair products are manufactured in Toronto:

  1. Locsuria Natural Hair System, owner operates in Scarborough
  2. Lishau Naturals, owner operates in Durham
  3. Graced By Nature, owner operates in Toronto
  4. Coils And Glory, owner started in Toronto
  5. Earthtones Naturals, owner operates in Durham
  6. Shakara Naturals, owner operates in Toronto
  7. Nu’Khara Beauty, owner operates in Toronto
  8. London Ivy Products, owner operates in Durham
  9. UpNorthNaturals
  10. Entyce Your Beauty
  11. JessiCurl, owned by a Canadian but not manufactured in Canada

For a full list of other online stores click here.

Local events and meetups

  1. The Curly Soiree (May)
  2. Curls Kinks and Cocktails by bloggers Bee and AnnMarie, Support A Sista Toni Daley pop-up shop and Shakara Naturals.
  3. Toronto Naturals has occasional meet-ups at restaurants and other events.
  4. The Toronto Natural Hair and Beauty Show which takes place every September.

Canadians on social media

Me, of course! @AnyasVida on all social media platforms.  As well as all collaborators presented below by city:

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Are you a Canadian naturalista? Comment below letting us know what natural hair salon and products are in your city!