spring flower clip
Once upon a time, floral crowns were in--a complete arrangement of blossoms, either bunched in a bouquet or isolated and spread throughout the hair. But after taking notes from the 2015 spring collection debuts of Fendi and Dolce & Gabbana, it has been made clear--a single flower incorporated into our natural crown will make a bold enough statement on its own.

Fendi focused on the form of a geometric flower shape in a leather hairclip and cuff fashion; Dolce and Gabbana opted for having their models rock a more realistic-looking rose with its leaves still in tact. We still think the trend looks amazing regardless of the material used for the flower. Bonus if the flower is real!


We might totally be biased in saying this, but flowers compliment textured hair just stunningly. And seeing it on the runway gives us hope that the fad doesn't stop at special events and weddings. While we didn't see the trend being represented on curly, coily or wavy hair on the runway--every model wore straight hair pinned back in a low bun--we personally think nature compliments nature. Unaltered natural hair is the perfect way to rock something else beautiful and found in nature. Watch how NaturalMe4C makes her own flower hair accessory for inspiration.


flower in hair

flower in hair

flower in hairflower in hair

orchid in hair

Will you be rocking a single flower in your hair this season?