The fuller the bun, the better, and creating the perfect bun can be challenging. I used to achieve my bun with an old twist out or braid out but now that I am a wash and go natural, I no longer create puffs. Since retiring my twisting days, I do not create buns due to the shrinkage and lack of stretch with a wash and go. Well, Natalie’s wash and go updo video teaches us how she transitions her wash and go prep into a bun that gleams of perfection. Can’t seem to smooth your bun without lumps? Not a fan of edge control? Don’t know how to create fullness? Struggle to make it perfectly round? It is all in the technique people! 

Products and Tools

Watch the Wash and Go Tutorial Like You’ve Never Seen Before to learn how Natalie prepares her hair before creating her bun.


  1. Apply a dime size amount of Kenra Shine Serum Weightless Polish to freshly washed, moisturized, and detangled hair. You still want to be bent downward while doing this.
  2. Gently smooth your hair with the brush. Being upside down helps to get your curls and coils into a bun.
  3. Secure your hair in a seamless, elastic band. Now you can stand upright.
  4. Concentrate the blow-dry on your puff with low heat and high speed or high heat and low speed. You want to intentionally induce frizz to create fullness.
  5. Cover your puff with the hairnet and tuck the excess net into the elastic.
  6. Shape the netted puff to make it look perfectly round.
  7. Tie your scarf around your puff.

Watch the video below

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