Curlfriend, you may want to know the uses and benefits of beeswax. Beeswax comes from the honeycomb of the bee, and you can find it in many of your styling products from gels to pomades. Beeswax can give your hair products a natural source for hold, but the trick to getting the most out of beeswax is not to use it every day, as it can lead to product buildup. If you do choose to use the beeswax products daily, you would want to cleanse more frequently with a clarifying yet moisturizing shampoo to remove the product from your hair. Be sure to use a clarifying yet moisturizing shampoo.

According to the North Carolina Cooperative Extension, “Beeswax is also insoluble in water and resistant to many acids, but is soluble in most organic solvents such as ether, benzine, benzol, chloroform, and turpentine oil and after warming, in alcohol and fatty oils.” This means beeswax does not dissolve in water. After use, be sure to cleanse the hair properly to remove the beeswax.

Beeswax and locs

Beeswax has also been used for locs and is formulated in loc products (also known as dreadlocks”>, as it aids in the locking process of the hair. Keep in mind that beeswax alone will not lock your hair. Depending on the texture, hair usually takes months to loc, so using products with beeswax will not cause your hair to instantaneously lock because that comes with time and lack of detangling.

Should I use beeswax?

It really depends on your reason for using it. If you would like to use beeswax as an edge tamer, then go for it! It would be best to mix your favorite carrier oil with the beeswax before applying to your edges for additional benefits. A boar bristle brush or a toothbrush can be used to smooth your edges after you apply the beeswax to your hair. At night, apply a scarf to your edges to keep your hair smooth and to avoid daily application of beeswax. If you enjoy using natural products and love mixology, creating your own pomade with beeswax would be a fun project for you! There is 100% organic beeswax that you can use. Remember that a little beeswax can go a long way as to avoid product buildup. If beeswax is not your first choice, there are many great edge tamers to check out. Here are some products formulated with beeswax.

Should you use beeswax for a couple of fly aways?

Again, go for it, but you may want to add oils or butters for additional nutrients as previously mentioned. If you are looking for hold with your hair and you want to apply the product throughout the entire hair, you may want to proceed with caution. There are plenty of products that can help with long lasting hold for your curls. Applying beeswax may weigh the hair down and cause product buildup.

Have you tried using beeswax? If so, please share your tips and the reasons your use it!


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