I have learned so much during my natural hair journey, what my curls love and what my curls dislike. I have tried a variety of methods, products, and tools. By journaling and taking photos, I have documented a variety of methods, products, and tools that make my curls thrive, and here are four methods that seem to work for everyone’s regimen but mine.


I have attempted to diffuse my hair multiple times. In fact, I have destroyed two diffuser attachments in the process. I ruined the attachments from using a high temperature from the blow-dryer, which caused them to melt. I purchased another and thought the third time was a charm. Once I attempted to diffuse my hair on a cool setting, it still did not work properly. My curls lost definition and the diffusing caused shrinkage. That is when I realized that diffusing is not my favorite method for drying my curls. I will stick to allowing my curls to air-dry and the occasional tension method with my blow-dryer.

Wash and go’s

My hair does not like wash and go’s at all! When I had a TWA (teeny weeny afro), my wash and go’s were great, easy, and fit my busy lifestyle, but once my curls grew out, the wash and go’s were not working for me. No matter the technique and product choices, the next day I am left with dry, tangled curls. I even came up with a modified wash and go method that worked for me temporarily, but eventually my curls no longer liked that method. Instead of forcing my curls to love wash and go’s, I wear my hair in stretched styles to avoid dryness and tangles. 

Detangling with a brush

When washing and styling my hair, I cannot use a brush for detangling. I have tried to use a Denman brush to detangle, but it did not work for me. When I comb my hair, I know how much shedding and breakage to expect, so when I used a brush, it was more than normal. It also took longer to detangle my hair with a brush than it normally does with a comb. How do I use a brush in my regimen? I use it to smooth my tangle-free curls for hairstyles such as flexi rods and roller sets. I also use a brush to smooth my edges for a polished and finished look. 

No shampoo method

The no shampoo method is not a stranger to the curly community. Instead of using shampoo, many will opt for a cleansing conditioner, mud wash, oat water, or diluted apple cider vinegar. I have tried this method with apple cider vinegar and it did not work for my curls. The ACV alone did not clarify my scalp and it did not remove all of my buildup. My curls were weighed down and lacked volume. I was aware that it can take time for your curls to adjust to this method, but personally I did not enjoy the results I was receiving. I quickly went back to cleansing my curls with sulfate and paraben-free clarifying and moisturizing shampoos.

What methods do not work for your curls? Please share with the curly community.

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