If you are a parent of a toddler, then you know that caring for your child’s hair is much different than caring for your own curly hair. Toddlers’ hair tends to be fragile, which means it needs to be handled with care. As a mom of a two-year-old toddler who has a head full of hair, I learn the best ways to care for and style her curly hair every day. It can be tough trying to determine what style is best for your toddler, but it’s important to avoid certain hairstyles that may not be a good fit for your child’s hair. You may not think about it, but these hairstyles may not be a good fit, because they may put too much stress on the hair and scalp. 

Styles with a lot of extensions

Toddlers are very active and sometimes protective styles seem like the only means to avoid daily maintenance for some parents, but if the style requires too much hair to be added, this can add stress on the hairline and even crown. If you plan to do protective style on your toddler’s hair, just make sure use lightweight extensions that will not causes pulling, breakage, and potential migraines.

Tight Ponytails and Puffs

In 4 Things that are Breaking Your Child’s Hair I addressed how, when used too tightly, rubber bands can cause breakage. Styles with too many ponytails and accessories that pull on the hair may not be good for toddlers. If you are creating a puff or ponytail, make sure that it is not repeated for too many days in a row. Repeated high puffs or ponytails can lead to thinning edges. Remember that too much of anything is bad. Make sure their edges flourish by switching up the style every week.

Tight French Braids

If done correctly, braids are a great option. When installed too tightly, they can irritate damage the scalp and cause breakage. If your child’s scalp is turning red or you see inflammation, that means it is irritated and probably hurts. Be gentler and don’t stress the flyaways and frizz.

Overall, you want to create simple hairstyles while also being cautious about causing breakage and damaging your child’s scalp.

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