If you've been years-deep in the natural hair game, or just like to keep up with the latest in trends, chances are your favorite Instagram feeds, YouTubers, and Tumblr pages have been filling your timelines with protective styles. Box braids, Senegalese twists, Marley twists, crochet braids--been there, done that, right? As the 90s new wave of fashion and pop culture has come back into play during 2015, we've noticed some steam starting to pick up around an old favorite:

Pigtail buns / Afro Puffs

Janet, Gwen, and Brandy are just a few of the late great names to rock the pigtail buns back when some of us were still experiencing puberty in the 90s. The great thing is that you can create it on pretty much any texture and length, whether you have straight, relaxed, natural, or added extensions (protective styles).



This is especially useful for those busy mornings when last night's wash session wasn't an option: part your hair down the middle with a rattail comb, tie each half up high and wrap around an elastic for a big bun. Don't worry about frizz or using an additional styler, unless you want to accentuate your baby hair--then grab your rattail comb, run some water over it, dip it in your edge tamer gel, and smooth the hair down to frame your forehead.


For extensions...

If you've been rocking box braids or another protective style with long extension hair, this is an easy way to feed your boredom bug. With your hands, separate your hair into 2 halves, top and bottom. Let the bottom half fall down over your shoulder, then divide your top half into two pigtails. Wrap each pigtail around into buns and secure with bobby pins.
Even if you have straight hair, the pigtail-bun combo can be done. For extra wow factor, use some hair paint or chalk to temporarily dye pieces of your strands and use a multicolored hair tie to bedazzle two pigtail bantu knots that sit above each ear.

Will you be rocking pigtail buns this summer, or does this trend need to stay away for good?