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We asked 4 curly hair specialists which haircut they’re receiving the most requests for this season, here’s what they said.

Leslie Ellen Abbate Salon, NYC

“What I have been seeing a lot of is a trend of long hair with little to no layering being brought up to about the collarbone length or slightly longer and being layered a lot. A feeling of modified disco hair–if I dare say–big fun, playful hair!”

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Oasis Salon, Rockville, MD

“At this time of year, a lot of curlies are asking for shorter cuts–shoulder length with a higher back and longer or asymmetrical front. Also, for super tight curls, they don’t want to lose much length, but want some kind of shape.

Then of course, another trend is color…for Americans, more daring color is becoming popular. I attribute this to youngsters now being a stronger presence in the workforce; as a result styles that are a bit more edgy are acceptable in the work force.”

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Aphrodite’s Sanctuary, Toronto, ON, Canada

“The most popular cut that I do is the DevaCut. It is a dry cut specifically designed to make curls look their best. Who wouldn’t want that? I get my clients to flip forward and back, side to side so I can cut each curl where it will naturally fall so they get the best cut possible.”

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Tangles Pasadena Salon, Pasadena, CA

“Soft A-lines and curly pixies. It’s so much fun for us to empower these curly hair women to rock shorter cuts. Us hearing “I need to keep it long to weigh it down” is long gone. With the right products we can not only control frizzy curl but also enhance the wave.”

Trying to figure out which salon in your area specializes in curly hair?

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What hair trends are you noticing in your area? What will your next salon request be?


Shannon aka "UK Curly Girl" is natural hair blogger/YouTuber from London, UK! She is a self-proclaimed product junkie who is transitioning to natural curls. Her passion is sharing her journey with other curly women — especially those in the UK, where the natural hair market is just now beginning to grow.

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