Although it may look confusing, this hairstyle which YouTuber vloggers Bebexo and Luxy Hair call the "Reverse Fishtail," isn't actually that difficult to accomplish for medium-length to long wavy or curly hair. It cuts braiding time in half, since you are actually braiding both sides at once rather than focusing on one side of the braid at a a time.

This hairstyle is quick and simple yet elegant and sophisticated--perfect for a happy hour with the ladies after work.

How to Achieve the Look

  • Divide hair in two equal sections.
  • Use your index fingers to create a part on the outer edge of each half.
  • Take your thumbs, stick each of them into a part, and flip your wrists.
  • Switch each strand between your thumbs and index fingers.
  • Grab a piece of hair from the outer edge of one half.
  • Add that piece of hair under and into the other half.
  • Repeat this process.
  • Use a little finishing spray to tame fly-aways if you need to.

photos courtesy of: Bebexo & LuxyHair

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