Mothers are known for doing everything themselves.

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Demands > Me Time = Stressed Out Momma

These original DIY-ers work without complaint, manage their household, educate their children, wrangle their moody teenagers, and even spend QT with their spouse.

As matriarchs of the family, these women rarely put themselves first and often experience fatigue. The signs of stress doesn’t just show on their bodies, but in their hair as well.

So that just leaves one question: who gets the award for person most deserving of a wind down from the goings on of life?


It’s about time you treat yourself to much needed TLC, even if it’s only for a brief moment-styling your curls in the morning.

Yes! You need versatile, multi-use products that can be quickly applied for effortless chic styling. These products should always be part of your wind-down-from-the-day routine. That’s why the NaturallyCurly team wanted to share two curl-loving concoctions from EDEN Bodyworks with mothers that need to nurture their inner beauty and outer strength with natural ingredients.

In this sponsored post, you will learn about the scalp-soothing powers of peppermint and tea tree oils.

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You’ll also have a chance to win products featured in the #AmericanCurl Style Seconds ‘Mom Chignon’ video at the end of this post.

Now, let’s examine the benefits of the oils our friends at EDEN Bodyworks have chosen to add to their formula:

Peppermint Oil

You'll love the soothing effects of this natural hair oil!

Although there are several benefits of peppermint oil, we referred to Sabrina Perkins for specifics. She states that peppermint oil “can relieve a dry scalp, stimulate hair growth, and give hair a healthy shine.”

Not bad, right?

Well, what else can peppermint oil do for your scalp and hair?

“It stimulates hair growth because of the increased blood circulation to the scalp when it is applied through an oil massage or in the shampoo or conditioner.”

So you’re getting a soothed scalp and stimulating natural hair growth in a bottle. That sounds like something every woman needs, especially moms-on-the-go!

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is Everything!

You’ve heard women everywhere rave about tea tree oil, but why?

According to Tonya McKay,”Using it as an occasional clarifying agent for hair that is predominantly conditioner washed or that may have buildup of styling product on it is may also provide some benefit and make it easier to rehydrate and condition your hair.”

So if you’re one of those mommas that co-washes regularly or needs a reliable refreshing agent, you’re in luck with the EDEN Bodyworks Peppermint and Tea Tree Natural Hair Oil!

When you massage the natural hair oil into your scalp, you’re activating the tea tree oil’s antiseptic properties. This all-natural bacteria fighter is ideal for naturals that like to keep their curls fresh without add more product and buildup to strands.

Coconut and Shea

Add coconut shea leave-in for soft textured hair that's easy to style!

You may be familiar with the attributes of the natural hair community’s shinning stars: coconut oil and shea butter.

No matter what style you wear, you’ll always need to keep your strands moisturized while sealing your curls with a reliable oil. Since coconut oil is a sealant and shea butter is the grandmother of all moisturizers, the EDEN Bodyworks Coconut and Shea Natural Leave-In Conditioner will be a best friend to your hair.

Get these nutrient-rich scalp care and maintenance tools today!

As the do-it-all mom-on-the-go, you don’t have time to waste when it comes to maintaining your scale health and styling your curls so purchase what your hair needs by clicking on the images below.


Are you an American Curl?

American Curl is the story of every woman. From sunrise to sunset, Monday to Sunday, the American Curl puts her best foot forward in everything that she does. Whether it’s in the boardroom or in the nursery room, we know that with your busy schedule and life, it can be daunting to stop everything you’re doing to care for your curls.

In the following #AmericanCurl Style Seconds, brought to you by NaturallyCurly and Walmart and EDEN Bodyworks, learn how easy it is to style a mom-friendly look with a gentle leave-in and powerful hair oil!

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As ever, stay curly! 

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