Curlies have a collective disdain for these major buzzkillers:

Fix it, ElastaQP!
Fix it, ElastaQP!
  1. Dry, lifeless hair
  2. Shapeless curls
  3. And of course the FRIZZ

So, what’s an #AmericanCurl to do when planning a stellar ensemble for holiday parties that call for candy-coated nails, dazzling attire and accessories, all accentuated by perfectly styled hair?

She does the only reasonable thing possible!

She gets ahold of nature’s miracle worker: Olive oil.

Now, she wouldn’t just reach for any old olive oil in her cabinet. No, no, never! She’s going to go with a formula that’s been tried and is true to its legendary status.

In this sponsored post, you’re going to learn how to quickly style the perfect party pompadour with ElastaQP – the brand that takes care of your curls while eliminating frizz.

Style curls with moisturizing Olive Oil-based gel

The highlight of this post is Glaze Conditioning Shining Gel, the curl definer that you’re bound to fall head over Louboutins for.

This gel was selected for you because it’s so moisture-rich, you’re going to slap yourself for not getting ahold of it sooner.

Want defined curls without a frizzy in sight? Grab this gel!

Do you know what else you’re going to wish you had known about this olive oil-based gel that you didn’t before?

Let me tell you:

  • It smooths edges
  • It holds twists in place
  • It adds supreme shine to curls
  • It helps all textures achieve sleek, sexy smoothness
  • It won’t dry out your hair because it doesn’t contain alcohol
  • It easily washes out of your curls with your favorite shampoo or co-wash

Oh, yes – I could go on and on about your new favorite conditioning shining gel, but you need to get ready for the holiday party of the year. So let’s stop wasting time and get you looking fab, okay?

Leave ’em Breathless with the Perfect Party Pompadour

In order to get the look of the season, follow this #AmericanCurl StyleSeconds tutorial (see full length video below”>.

Sleek styling starts with sectioning the curls.

To introduce frizz control, you’ll want to add a little of the ElastaQP Glaze Conditioning Shining Gel to your curls. This addition will also help you style your ponytail.

Gently brush in a little gel to create a sleek ponytail.

Remember that you’ll want to create sections on either side of your head to create the undo that completes the look.

To keep your ponytail in place while styling the sides, use bobby pins or hair clips to secure it.

Get the undo by sleeking sectioned curls upward!

Next, you’ll want to quickly twist the front section of your hair. As mentioned, the conditioning shining gel is perfect for holding twists.

These twists will be your pompadour!

Depending on how much hair you have, you can create anywhere between five and ten twists to turn your pompadour into a delightful textured style! Since the conditioning shining gel has a greaseless, firm hold you won’t have to worry about them unraveling.

Pin your twists to make the pompadour!

You’re going to look so absolutely stunning with this quick and easy Party Pompadour that your friends will think it took you an all day salon visit to achieve!

That's right: show off your perfect party pompadour with pride!

Style this look for tonights shindig and tell me about all the compliments that shower you!

Don’t tell me that you’re still debating whether or not to get this gel…

I’ve made it simple for you, curly! Click on the image below to get this olive oil-based conditioning shining gel that you’re going to thank me for post-partytime.


Are you an American Curl?

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In the following #AmericanCurl Style Seconds, brought to you by NaturallyCurly and Walmart and ElastaQP, you’ll learn how to easily style your curls into the pompadour that will win you compliments galore at this year’s holiday party!

Press play to get the look now!

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As ever, stay curly!

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