Since 2007, I have been following several curly girl commandments and using NaturallyCurly recommended products. Even still, between routine hair coloring and spending much of my time outdoors, my hair sometimes looks dull and feels dry.

That's why I dared to try the LOC Method!

When I first read about the LOC method, I was curious, but the “O” or adding in an oil with the LOC styling-mix really threw me. Adding oil to my damp, conditioned hair seemed extreme for my wavy, fine, high porosity hair. Wouldn’t adding oil when damp leave my hair looking matted, greasy, and weighed down? I soon realized that I was not alone; other community members began to wonder about this, as well.

“Do any wavies use the LOC method?” - LeannaM, CurlTalk


This question was posed in a CurlTalk thread by NaturallyCurly community member LeanneM. She has 2A, fine with normal porosity hair and shared her story, “I was reading on here over the weekend about the LOC method, and was wondering if any wavies use it. The ends of my hair have been so dry, so I was wondering if this would help seal in moisture. I shy away from oils, though, since my hair is so fine and can look greasy really easily.”

LeanneM and my fellow wavies and curlies, there's No need to wonder, anymore! I am sharing my guide to the oils that will work best for wavies and curlies that want to try the LOC method.

First of all: what is the LOC method?

Let’s spell this one out: L is for a Leave-In Conditioner, O is Oil, and C is a cream-based styling product. The results are enhanced curls, definition, frizz reduction, more shine and some ooh-la-la softness! Why? The leave-in conditions and boosts moisture levels. The oil nourishes and seals in that moisture. The cream is the “icing on top” that makes those waves and curls all look good.

Because of the downside to using an oil on fine hair types, you may need to make some adaptations in the LOC process to achieve the desired result.

Adapting LOC for waves and curls


Everyone and every hair type is different - discover your hair's needs!

The thickness or viscosity of the oil you select for your hair will indicate how well it will work for your specific hair type. That is why understanding porosity, or how well your hair is able to absorb and hold moisture, becomes a big deal in deciding which oil is best to use and when.

If you haven’t determined your porosity level (low, medium or high), take a moment to find out on the NaturallyCurly Porosity page.

No matter your porosity, if you have fine hair you don't want it to be greasy, lifeless, and dull.

That is why you need only add a few drops into your leave-in, or only apply to the ends, and select the particular oils that work best for those with your porosity level. You may have to experiment with various oils, amounts and even play around with a combination of oils to achieve the best results for your hair type.

List of OILS for fine hair, waves, and curls

Many hair oils are beneficial for fine hair!
  • Grapeseed Oil – This lightweight, inexpensive oil is great for those with oily scalp issues and low porosity hair.
  • Sweet Almond Oil – This superfood of all oils nourishes and seals in moisture beautifully, working for both low and high porosity.
  • Argan Oil – This oil is best for when your LOC becomes an LCO! Start with your leave-in, use a cream to set your style, then lock moisture in with the high sheen magic of a few drops of argan!
  • Jojoba Oil – Jojoba is great for all porosity levels because it mimics your natural sebum production, is fairly lightweight, and nourishes the hair follicle, lending moisture and shine, in a few drops. Sidenote: This is my personal favorite, with a few drops of rosehip oil mixed in.
  • Coconut Oil – While it may be too heavy for your LOC, coconut oil is often used as a pre-poo, or “an oil treatment applied to hair prior to shampooing or conditioning.”
  • Babassu Oil – Like Coconut oil, Babassu may be too heavy for your LOC, but get this: Babassu is a smart oil that adapts according to your needs, giving just the right amount! As mentioned in one of my previous articles, "Babassu magically knows how to lend its moisture and work with our sebum, giving more or less as needed. Babassu oil is quickly absorbed, aiding in the conditioning of the hair and scalp while sealing in moisture and reducing frizz.”

Best Practices for the LOC Glow!

With the help of our Type 4 curl friends, we can get the GLOW!
  1. Shampoo, co-wash and condition, and rinse your hair.
  2. While still damp, add in your “L” or leave-in from root to tip. You could even combine step “L” and “O” and add a few drops of oil in with your leave-in conditioner before applying.
  3. Add a pea-sized amount of oil to your hair, making sure to warm the oil by rubbing it between your palms and raking through your hair with your fingers, concentrating on the ends.
  4. Finish with either a styling cream designed for waves such as Wave Maker by DevaCurl, or skip the cream and apply your favorite styling gel. Set, scrunch, plunk, diffuse what have you! Yes, replacing the cream with a styling gel technically changes LOC to LOG, but whatever works!

I’ve even read that some gals switch up their LOC to an LCO (like with argan oil), and prefer that order! Let’s hope that selecting the right oil or oil combination to add into your LOC, LOG or LCO will take your naturally curly routine to the next level. Throw in a drop of a hair-loving essential oil in the mix and you’ve become a proper DIY hair alchemist!

So what do you think, Wavies, Curlies, and Fine Hair Friends: What oil or combination of hair oils gives your hair that healthy glow?

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