I described going to get a haircut as terrifying and distressful back in May of this year. It was my very first DevaCut or even haircut as a natural. I was suffering from horror stories that were swimming around my brain like sharks in a tank waiting for their next meal and almost paralyzed me from opening that door to the salon. I was in full force panic mode but when I walked out of that appointment my doubts, fears, and damaged ends had disappeared. 

Tiffany, a master stylist and educator at my local Beauty Brands, took me under her wings and gave me my first DevaCut.

The DevaCut was created by the Devachan Salon and is a special technique for cutting curly, wavy or coily hair dry, so the stylist sees how each curl will fall and each individual curl is shaped.

I was excited about having an experienced stylist guide me through the cut, and as she worked she discussed every detail of her process. I walked away with happier hair and a newfound love for the salon again. I also learned a few things about trying a new stylist.

I need a trim or a DevaCut about twice a year, so when my ends began to knot and frazzle, I made my second appointment with Tiffany a couple of weeks ago. Since I knew I was going back to a professional who did not treat me like I was just a customer but a woman who was familiar with my hair, I was not nervous. As soon as we greeted one another, we fell into a new relationship that was comforting and purposeful.

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She knew me / I knew her

It had been months since our last meeting but we were both familiar with one another. I didn’t have to explain what I wanted or what I needed from her. No awkwardness where you are sizing one another up for placement into subjective categories. We were past that and were already falling into a contented awareness.

She knew what I needed

Yes, I needed another DevaCut to rid me of my fairy knots but she also knew it was time for a style. Yes, an actual style. I had not thought about a style in years. I am a low maintenance natural and I bebop around daily with no shape or focus to my hair. When we finished the pleasantries and she asked what I wanted, I told her the cut but my face must have said more because she said I think it is time for a style and my soul lit up. She read my needs even when I did not fully know what they were. It could have been merely a professional tuning into my desires or it could have been her reading between the lines. Either way she knew what I needed and I was jazzed.

Trust was established

It feels good to find a hairstylist you trust, especially when you are a control freak such as myself; it feels marvelous to allow someone else to take over and you know it will be perfect. My first cut was remarkable and I learned I could trust this woman with my hair. That is a big deal to a natural woman who has heard far too many horror stories to give that up lightly. She trusted me to show up, be on time, and express what I wanted with the intention of becoming a client. This was a good thing.

Expectations were met

Long ago I had given up on any aspirations for a hairstyle, but she created one. I have fine, 3c/4a hair, although I prefer coarse, 4b coils. I have accepted my hair and just rolled with the punches of a fine-haired natural. Tiffany scoffed at that. She created a style through an A/symmetrical cut that gave me the fullness and height I desired. Tiff got skills.

We are dancing to a new rhythm where trust, knowledge, friendship, and professionalism are met by both parties. My next venture is color and I will leave her to find one that compliments my hues, personality, and spirit. It was a positive and purposeful visit that solidified my belief that all good things come to those who wait. I am a happy natural and I am a DevaCut lover too.

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