Less is more! Minimalism is a trend that is allowing people to de-clutter in many ways including their wardrobes and moving into smaller homes. Although I am not at that point of my minimalism journey, I would consider myself engaging in the Minimalist Product Lifestyle.

When it comes to purchasing products, I am very selective. In a previous article, I shared that price, reviews, and brand reputation are factors when selecting products for my regimen. Using those factors allowed me to become more conscious with my purchasing habits. My product collection eventually decreased because I used all of the products that I currently had. My collection did not rapidly increase because I was only re-purchasing the products that my curls enjoyed. I noticed that my product junkie days were over and I was not tempted to purchase the latest product on the shelf. Are you putting your product junkie days behind you? Are you currently on a minimalism journey and want to add your hair product collection to your list? Below are reasons why I choose The Minimalistic Product Lifestyle:

Save Money

I enjoy saving money by purchasing products that maintain my hair’s health. When new products are released, I will research the ingredients and read the reviews online from curlies with similar hair textures as mine. This allows me to avoid any impulse buying and permits me to choose wisely with my purchases. When purchasing my products, I will take a glance at my e-mail inbox for any promotions at my favorite stores. That way I can get my favorite products for a great price!

Purchase Quality Ingredients

I choose quality ingredients over products. I am currently using Shea Moisture Manuka Honey shampoo and conditioner and TGIN Green Tea Leave-in Conditioner in my regimen. The rest of the items are natural ingredients that I have in my home. The oils, butters, and other natural moisturizers are ingredients that I use across my hair and skin regimens. I rather create my own treatments and styling products with those ingredients because I know which ingredients work for my curls.

Save Storage

Since my product collection is small, I am able to store them easily. This allows me to save storage in my apartment. During wash day, I can style my hair without having products all over the bathroom counter. I can place all of my products in one drawer and not worry about causing clutter. I am also able to quickly access my products whenever I need to.

Get To The Root of the Problem

If I notice any changes with my hair and scalp, it is easier for me to get to the root of the problem. During my previous product junkie days, I would experience issues with my hair and I would never know the reason why. I was trying different products and brands; it became difficult to figure out why I was experiencing the problem. Since I am currently using only three products, I can easily sort out the reasons why I am experiencing the issues.

Are you currently practicing The Minimalist Product Lifestyle? What tips and tricks work for you? Please share with the curly community.

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