Hi, NaturallyCurly World! I’m back with Resa B. Luster, the Brand Manager at Large for Luster Products, Inc. Last month’s video introduced you to this illustrious and talented trailblazer.

In today’s video, she encourages all naturalistas to embrace our curls and texture at every stage of our professional lives, and she provided excellent styling tips to boot!

Intrigued by her expertise, I wanted to dive a bit deeper into the mind of the megawatt star of Luster Products, a family company that’s been around since 1957. That’s why in this video, Resa and I discuss: 

  • Curl switching: Are you still a part of the natural hair community if you straighten your curls? Some say that any alteration of the curl pattern or hair texture is a violation of the natural hair code.
  • How to straighten natural hair: From dryer attachments to moisturizers that build a barrier on your hair strands, you need to learn how to straighten your natural hair the right way.
  • Color-treating natural hair: If you have colored your curls and want to straighten and twist and bend them to the max, you need Resa’s tried and true tips so that you do not harm your roots and strands.
  • Protective styles: Don’t skimp on hydrating and moisturizing your hair and scalp just because your hair is in a protective style. Seriously – Resa says so!
  • So much more! Watch and learn more about natural hair and get the inside scoop on an amazing trick that helps your curls bounce back after they’ve been manipulated through straightening, protective styling, or coloring.

WATCH Resa B. Luster Talks All Things Curly!

Protect and Nourish Natural Hair

Chatting about hair products that work is super fun, and adding these dynamite products to your curl caboodle is even more fun. Get Luster’s Pink Shea Butter & Coconut Oil collection —naturalistas of every pattern and texture are raving about it:

Resa B. Luster is on FIRE!

Feeling inspired? I sure am! I encourage you to learn even more from Resa by reading her expert articles posted here on NaturallyCurly. Her natural hair expertise is unparalleled. Check them out now to boost your naturalista creds:


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