It’s officially protective style season! As the weather gets warmer, curlfriends are more likely to throw some braids in to give their hair a rest from products and constant manipulation. Box braids are one of the most popular protective style options. Although the install process is time consuming, you’re left with an end result that gives you longevity and variety when it comes to styling. If you’re looking for fun alternatives to styling your box braids this Spring, check out these 13 styles that are sure to grab everyone’s attention.

The High Ponytail

12 Ways to Style Box Braids

Image Source: @thealexisjonesmore

Alexa is giving Poetic Justice vibes in this classic high ponytail wrapped with a white head tie. Although this is a simple look, it is fun and easy to manipulate. When you’re tired of your ponytail, wrap your braids up in a bun.

The Boho Style Braids

12 Ways to Style Box Braids

Image Source: @dhairprof

This isn’t your typical half up, half down style. Switch up your box braids by adding straight and slightly curled pieces.

The Braided Mohawk Bun

12 Ways to Style Box Braids

Image Source: @mshairandhumor

I mean, how dope are these braids combined with this amazing shape-up? Milah, better known as Ms. Hair and Humor, did her signature knotless braids and styled then in a messy top knot. Barber, Absolute Stylezz, was responsible for the cut and shape up. Talk about magic!

Half Up, Half Down

12 Ways to Style Box Braids

Image Source: @jamilaxamal

Blogger Jamila Amal also rocked a top knot with gold hair cuffs. She completed the look with her extra-laid baby hairs slicked down to perfection.

The Chic Side Bun

12 Ways to Style Box Braids

Image Source: @tee_tresses

Heading to a wedding or a really important gala? This chic side bun is tastefully sculpted and fit for a goddess. If you’ve ever thought braids weren’t appropriate for special events, this style will prove you wrong.

Add Some Color

12 Ways to Style Box Braids

Image Source: @bluehairguru

Sometimes adding color to your box braids is all the styling you need. Stylist Antarnesha incorporates color into most of the box braids that she installs. It is a sassy way to give your hair some edge.

Scarf x Box Braids

12 Ways to Style Box Braids

Image Source: @mykeltrent

As much as we love braids, that in between period can be annoying. You’re met with the choices of either taking out your braids or finding the nearest scarf. Using a scarf to hide your new growth is a stylish way to prolong your hair. See her tutorial here.

The Goddess Braid, the Turban, Rock, Roll & Braid, Four Cinnabons

12 Ways to Style Box Braids

Image Source: @kyssmyhair

I am obsessed with all four of these looks by Brittany. Each style offers edge, elegance and versatility. With these styles, you’ll be standing in the mirror and manipulating your hair for 10 minutes or less. Elevate each look by adding some hair accessories or experimenting with color. Watch her video for a tutorial here.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to trade in my tapered cut for some long, luxurious box braids. I am eager to try some of these styles! What about you? Do you enjoy styling your box braids? Let us know in the comments!

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