If there’s one thing that makes twists one of the most sought-after styles for 4c hair, it is their versatility. This along with the fact that they are a low-manipulation hairstyle and do not require a complicated routine when it comes to maintenance, all while being a protective style. As already mentioned, twists present a lot of versatility when it comes to styling options. This way, you’re not stuck with recycling one hairstyle. Instead, you can switch up looks for different events, activities, or just because you feel like it. Whether your 4c hair is short, medium or long, fine, thin or thick, here are 14 natural hair twist styles that are sure to get you compliments when you rock them:

Chunky Twists

Twist out on Natural hair
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Also sometimes called Jumbo twists or loose twists, these twists are sectioned large so that they give off a bold finish. It is best done on full and thick 4c hair and you can further accessorize them for that extra beauty.

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Three Strand Twists

Natural hair 3 strand twist out 4c 3b Afro
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A deviation from the traditional two-strand twists, this twist hairstyle requires a technique of wrapping three strands of hair around each other to create a unique twist look and it is suitable for all hair types. The technique can be tricky for beginners and it may take a bit of expertise to perfect which is why I have included the video below to help you out:

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Halo Twists

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Also called the crown twists by some, it is a simple hairstyle, created by twisting a large chunk of your hair from the front all the way back, tucking it in, and securing it with Bobby pins to create a halo-like effect. This style is usually recommended for naturals with longer hair:

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Spiral Crown Flat Twists

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As the name implies, these are spiral flat twists created starting from the front and sides of the hair and wrapped around at the edges to give off a crown-like effect. Although ideally, they’re suited for naturals with long hair, those with short hair can do this too by adding extensions to give you that full twist effect.

Twisted Top Bun & Bangs

Twisted Top Bun Bangs
PICTURED: astoldbyher_

This 2-in-1 hairstyle (a combo of a bun and bangs), suitable for medium to long hair, is one that is definitely worth trying out. You can either choose to flat twist the bun or pull up single strands of twists into a bun and style the remaining twists in front as your bangs.

Mini Bantu Knots

@tyeisha.shardae Bantu Knots On Short 4c Hair Tutorial 💞 #bantuknots #short4chair ♬ nobody else sped up – Summer Walker

The mini bantu knots are a hairstyle, especially for ladies with short 4c hair. With your hair neatly sectioned, firmly twisted, and wrapped in a knot, what better way to show off your proud African roots?

Mohawk Flat Twists

SOURCE: @ibhairtherapy

This stylish head-turner involves creating flat twists from the front or sides of your head all the way to the center. You can do the twists in swirling, criss-cross, or straight patterns, depending on your taste.

Flat Twists Updo on Short Natural Hair


Yet another hairstyle specifically for girls with short natural hair, the flat twists updo never looked better. With a look quite distinct, it gives its wearer a regal appearance and will surely get heads to turn in admiration when you walk by.

Flat Twist Pompadour Updo


The flat twist pompadour updo involves the technique of sweeping the hair upwards from the face and piling it up in thick chunks in the center of the head.

Flat Twists + Crisscross Hairstyle

PICTURED: @neishag

A blend of flat twists and crisscross hairstyle, this unique combo comes to life by crisscrossing flat twists atop each other. You can even rock it in a puff like Princilla Adu in the video below:

Chunky Blown-out Box Rope Twist

PICTURED: @thefrotales

Another hairstyle particularly for the girls with thick full hair. The large unusually full twists resemble hair that is blown out with a blow dryer.

Regular Twists With Highlights

Two-Strand Twists Protective Styles on Natural Hair for 2023
PICTURED: Kinky Curly Beauty

Spruce up your regular twists hairstyle with some color highlights. Blonde, red, purple, green, whatever the color, just dare to explore and give yourself a whole fresh look.

Ponytail and Flat Twists Combo

@mochunks Flat twists & ponytail💕 One of my go to hairstyles for outings 💛 #NaturalHair #NaturalHairStyles #Afrocentric #AfroHair #AfroHairStyles #4CHair ♬ Nzaza – Asake

As the name says, you can create this style by putting your natural hair in flat twists and then adding a ponytail extension to its ends. You can choose to do this in a high or low ponytail.

All Back Flat Twists

PICTURED: @_simplystasia

This is a simple girl’s hairstyle in which you section your hair into 4 or more and flat twist from your front hairline all the way to the back.

Which of these twist styles would you try? Do share in the comments!

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