I love locs, their regal beauty is unquestionable in the natural hair community. Why do you think faux locs have been and continue to stay so popular? It only seems right to showcase the most popular styles for short, medium, and long locs whether real or faux because many are unaware just how easy it is to create various styles.  Check out these 15 loc tutorials for all lengths.

Go-to Hairstyle for Short Locs

Who doesn’t love quick, cute, and easy? When you have short locs you may feel your style choices are limited but you have to think outside the box. Short loc wearers can rock updos too, and LaShawnda McNeally quickly shows us her simple go-to hairstyle that she rocks. A few bobby pins and rubber bands or ouchless bands is all that is needed for this flirty and fun short loc updo.

How To Curl Locs with Perm Rods

Perm rods are not just for loose hair. NaturalBeauty0214 shows just how simple the style can be, and she used one loc per perm rod to get an extra curl tight and long-lasting perm rod set.

Loc Faux Hawk

Have short locs but want to rock a faux hawk? It can be done and Miss CC shows us how. With some bobby pins she creates a simple faux loc quickly and effortlessly. If you prefer not to see the regular bobby pins, simply use pretty or sparkly pins to give the style more of a jeweled effect.

Pipe Cleaner Curls

Pipe cleaner curls is a popular styling tool for locs and the great thing about them is that they can be done on all lengths. Curlynugrowth shows from start to finish how she creates this style with only pipe cleaners, a spray bottle of water, and her fingers.

Chic Locs Updo

Having short or medium length locs does not mean you cannot be great! Fake it till you make it and watch how curlynugrowth recreates this regal and quite popular updo with short to medium thick locs. Her shaped nape adds to the beauty of the updo.

Quick and Easy Loc French Braid Updo

I love this video because the in-between stages can be the worst for styling if looking for something different, and DXLYN locs does not disappoint in this unique and regal French braid updo sure to wow. If your hair is medium length or long enough to French braid then you can create this backward braided updo with little to no time.

Bantu Knot Tutorial

Bantu knots are not just for loose hair. Locs look wonderful whether kept in the Bantu knot or taken down. It is a great way to curl the locs without using rollers or flexirods. OnDeck shares her style from beginning to end using spritz and twisting medium sections to create an easy and long lasting style that will be perfect for work or play.

3 Quick Loc Styles

Who doesn’t love a big, slouchy hat to rock while we still deal with winter? Prettipoison27 share three easy styles that enlist the help of her big slouchy hat. Need a quick style to run out the house quick but still look cute? These three are it and they work great for medium to long locs.

The Braid Bun

For long loc wearers who love buns but want a jazzier way to rock one, then give Franchesca super simple braided bun a try. All that is needed is a tie for the ponytail and a few pins to secure the braided bun once it’s completed. This style pairs quite well with a scarf to hide those edges if they are not looking all that great and with a colorful scarf you can make this style absolutely stunning.

Three Lazy Loc Styles

We had to share some lazy loc styles, and if you have medium to long locs  then these three styles are everything! Locsoflove shares three stylish locs styles that will have others thinking you spent some serious time on these effortless styles.

Beachy, Wavy, Flexi Rod Curls

Locsoflove is back with a beachy look. Yes, locs can rock any style and that includes the beachy, wavy look so popular right now. Flexirods are all that are needed to create this fun, sexy, and flirty style. The end result is stunning! Her hair is full, wavy, and the curls held quite well.

Sabrina Perkins

Sabrina, founder of seriouslynatural.org and contributor to several online publications, is a freelance writer who engages her audiences on the relevance of natural hair, beauty, and style.

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